Wordle 690 today: May 10 Hints and Clues with Word Puzzle Game Solutions

Can you believe that there are about 3 million people in the world who like Wordle? Wordle is a game loved by everyone. Regardless of whether you are in school, a teenager or an adult; Everyone shares a passion for fun word games. True, the game is designed to appeal to everyone. Yes, Wordle is addictive, fun and super challenging!

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What is Wordle?

Wordle is a super addictive word game from NYTimes. Why is NYTimes Wordle so addictive? Well, the answer is quite simple. Wordle game is extremely addictive to play with the truth about “Scarcity”. Unlike other games that give you unlimited opportunities to play at any time of the day, Wordle only gives you 6 chances to guess the word. If you lose all 6 of these opportunities, you will have to wait for the next dawn to get a new word.

Therefore, look for smart suggestions for Jagran Josh to solve their Wordle challenges in just a few minutes.

Before diving into the hints, let’s take a close look at the rules first.

Scroll down to see Wordle suggestions!

How to play Wordle?

Each day the word game appears a grid, allowing you to guess 6 times about a 5-letter word.

If any of the letters you place exist in that five-letter word, the box will turn yellow. If the letter is placed correctly in the right box according to any of your predictions, it will turn green.

The goal is to solve a 5-letter word chosen by Wordle within 6 tries.

How on earth can you say the right words without any outside help? Well, that’s why we’re here to help you!

Here are 5 suggestions you may need. In case you still fail, we will not leave your hands. We have also mentioned Wordle answer at the end

Now, it’s time for us to introduce you to fun Wordle suggestions!

Scroll down to see Wordle suggestions!

Wordle 690 suggestions for today, May 10, 2023:

Wordle 690 Hint 1:

The first letter of the word is a vowel.

Wordle 690 Hint 2:

There are two vowels in the word Wordle today.

Wordle 690 Hint 3:

This word has a “C” or an “X”.

Wordle 690 Hint 4:

One of the vowels is in the second or fourth position.

Wordle 690 Hint 5:

One of the vowels in the word Wordle today is “A” or “E”.

: Optical illusion: Only someone with laser-like focus can find the hidden deer. Can you find it?

What is today’s Wordle answer?

Wordle 690, May 10, is UNIVERSITY.

Can you guess the Wordle of the day right? Whether your answer is YES or NO, we are sure that by now you have got the hang of this fun game.

: Optical illusion: Hamster in the supermarket. Can you find it?

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