Top Youtubers in the Philippines 2023 – Check Here For More Information

Top YouTubers in the Philippines 2023

In 2023, YouTube remains a widely used platform for entertainment and information in The Philippines. It is reported that over 40 million adult Filipinos spend time on the site each month, highlighting the immense popularity of the platform. Given this, it is no surprise that Filipino YouTubers have become some of the most influential and widely followed content creators in the country.

This list of the top 10 Filipino YouTubers is a reliable guide for those looking to work with or collaborate with these influential personalities. Regardless of their niche, these YouTubers have managed to capture the hearts and minds of their fans with their unique content and engaging personalities.

For brands and businesses looking to expand their reach in the country, partnering with these YouTubers is a great way to tap into the platform’s massive audience. By leveraging the influence of these popular content creators, businesses can effectively promote their products and services while reaching a wider audience.

Overall, Filipino YouTubers are a major force in the country’s entertainment and media landscape, and their popularity is only set to grow as more and more Filipinos turn to YouTube for their daily dose of entertainment and information.

Top YouTubers in the Philippines 2023

Here is the list of the top YouTubers in the Philippines 2023:





Ivana Alawi



Niana Guerrero



Zeinab Harake 



Cong TV






Doc Willie Ong



Vanjo Merano



Vice Ganda



Alodia Gosiengfiao






1. Ivana Alawi (16.4M)

Ivana Alawi is a well-known actress and model in the Philippines. However, she became even more famous when she joined YouTube.

Since then, Ivana has been consistently producing various types of content for her followers to enjoy. Her videos range from vlogs to mukbang, pranks, tours, and even family content.

What makes Ivana so special to her fans is not just her entertaining content but also her kind and humble personality. She has a way of making her followers feel like they are her close friends.

It is no surprise that Ivana has gained a massive following from all over the Philippines, and even beyond. She has become one of the most popular YouTubers in the country, and her fans cannot get enough of her creative and heartwarming content.

2. Niana Guerrero (15.1M)

Niana Guerrero gained fame as a young internet personality when she was only 7 years old. Together with her older brother Raz Kyle, they became popular for their dance choreography covers, showcasing their skills and passion for dancing. Their videos were well-received by the online community, particularly by Filipina children who spend a lot of time on YouTube.

As she grew up, Niana continued to produce entertaining content on her channel, which now includes her younger sister as a fellow dancer. Her videos range from dance covers, travel vlogs, food adventures, and heartwarming surprises for her family and friends. Niana’s charm and talent have earned her a massive following not just in the Philippines but also from different parts of the world.

Her success on YouTube has also opened up opportunities for Niana, including endorsements and collaborations with brands. Despite her success, she remains down-to-earth and continues to inspire her fans through her content and positive attitude.

3. Zeinab Harake (13.4M)

Zeinab Harake is a popular YouTube content creator who rose to fame for her entertaining vlogs during her college years. Since then, her content has evolved as she became a mother at the young age of 18 when she adopted her son Lucas. With her new role as a mom, Zeinab has added parenting content to her channel and has become an inspiration to many young mothers out there.

Aside from parenting, Zeinab’s channel is also focused on travel, family, vlogs, and games. Her videos are well-produced, engaging, and showcase her fun personality, which makes her a relatable figure to her followers.

Zeinab’s dedication and hard work have not gone unnoticed, as evidenced by the millions of views and interactions on her videos. Her fans appreciate her content and admire her for being a responsible and loving mom while still pursuing her passion for creating videos. Overall, Zeinab Harake is a great example of how one can balance motherhood and a successful career on YouTube.

4. Cong TV (11.M)

Lincoln Cortez Velasquez, who is more commonly known as Cong TV, is a popular Filipino YouTuber who has gained fame for his comedy skits, parodies, and vlogs. He has also established himself as a talented musician and online streamer.

While Cong TV started his career as a vlogger, he has become best known for his hilarious and relatable comedy sketches that have made him a beloved personality in the Philippines. His videos often tackle everyday situations and experiences, which resonates with audiences and has helped him amass a large following.

Cong TV’s humor is well-loved by fans for its wit and cleverness, as well as its ability to provide a much-needed break from everyday stress. Watching his videos is a sure way to lighten your mood and have a good laugh.

Despite his success, Cong TV has remained humble and dedicated to his craft, which has further endeared him to his fans. He is a true testament to the power of hard work, creativity, and humor in building a successful online career.

5. Donnalyn (9.62M)

Donnalyn Jereos Bartolome is a versatile artist who has made a name for herself in the Philippines as an actress, singer, and vlogger. Her career began when she was just 14 years old, and she has been consistently creating content ever since.

Donnalyn’s YouTube channel is filled with a wide range of content, including makeup tutorials, parodies, reality shows, vlogs, and couple content. Her videos showcase her creativity, humor, and talent, making her one of the most popular content creators in the Philippines.

In addition to her vlogs and other content, Donnalyn is also a talented singer. She has released several songs, including “Di Lahat” and “O.M.O.” Her music showcases her powerful voice and her ability to convey emotions through her performances.

Donnalyn’s love for creating content is evident in the passion and dedication she puts into each video. She is an inspiration to many aspiring artists and content creators, showing that with hard work and talent, it is possible to make a career doing what you love.

6. Doc Willie Ong (8.45M)

Doc Willie Ong is a highly respected medical doctor who has been sharing his knowledge and expertise in healthcare through his YouTube channel since 2007. Along with his wife, Doc Liza, he has created a vast library of over 1,000 videos that cover a wide range of health topics.

The channel is a valuable resource for anyone looking for reliable and informative medical advice. Doc Willie Ong’s videos cover various health issues, from common ailments to more serious illnesses, women’s health, healthy eating, and mental health.

What sets Doc Willie Ong apart from other medical professionals is his dedication to providing his insights for free. His genuine concern for the health and wellbeing of his viewers is evident in his videos, which are easy to understand and follow. His channel has become a lifesaver for many Filipinos who are seeking answers to their health concerns.

It’s no wonder that millions of YouTube users in the Philippines have subscribed to Doc Willie Ong’s channel. His videos provide valuable information that can help people take better care of themselves and their loved ones. Doc Willie Ong’s contributions to healthcare through his YouTube channel have made him a beloved figure in the Philippines, and his impact on the health and wellness of his viewers is immeasurable.

7. Vanjo Merano (6.43M)

Vanjo Merano is a renowned Filipino food influencer, who has gained popularity as the creator of the Panlasang Pinoy YouTube channel. His passion for food, particularly Filipino dishes, has driven him to teach people how to cook them through his detailed yet straightforward recipes.

Vanjo’s channel provides a vast collection of recipes that are easy to follow, even for novice cooks. He ensures that his viewers have a clear understanding of the ingredients and procedures needed to prepare a dish, making the cooking experience fun and stress-free. His recipes range from classic Filipino dishes like adobo and sinigang to more complex ones like lechon and kare-kare.

Vanjo’s expertise in cooking has earned him a massive following, both online and offline. His Panlasang Pinoy channel has become a go-to resource for Filipinos and non-Filipinos alike who want to explore the flavors of Filipino cuisine. His videos have become a source of inspiration for people who want to learn how to cook and have helped many aspiring cooks hone their skills.

Overall, Vanjo Merano’s love for Filipino cuisine and his dedication to sharing it with others through his YouTube channel has made him a respected and influential figure in the food industry. His passion for cooking and his ability to make it accessible to everyone is truly inspiring, and his impact on Filipino food culture is undeniable.

8. Vice Ganda (7.59M)

Vice Ganda is a versatile Filipino personality, known for his talent in various fields, including talk show hosting, television presenting, acting, entrepreneurship, singing, and comedy. Despite already being an established figure in the entertainment industry, he has also ventured into YouTube to further express himself and connect with his fans.

Through his YouTube channel, Vice Ganda shares his comedic genius, posting funny clips and travel vlogs that showcase his wit and humor. He also features challenge content, which his fans find entertaining and engaging.

With his extensive fan base and popularity in the Philippines, it’s no surprise that Vice Ganda’s videos on YouTube are met with overwhelming support from viewers, with countless likes and comments pouring in. His ability to create engaging and hilarious content has cemented his place as one of the most successful and influential personalities in the country.

Aside from his online endeavors, Vice Ganda continues to excel in various fields of entertainment, making him a well-respected figure in the industry. His dedication, hard work, and talent have earned him a massive following and a place in the hearts of many fans.

9. Alodia Gosiengfiao (1.86M)

Alodia Gosiengfiao is a multitalented Filipino personality, who has made a name for herself in various fields. She is a cosplayer, model, TV presenter, singer, vlogger, actress, and the co-founder of Tier One Entertainment. Her vast array of talents has allowed her to gain a massive following and fan base.

Alodia discovered her passion for cosplaying when she joined an online forum called Animé Club, which was dedicated to anime and video game enthusiasts. At the young age of 15, she began experimenting with cosplay, creating intricate costumes based on her favorite characters from popular games and anime series.

Her talent and creativity were soon recognized, and she started participating in cosplay competitions. Alodia’s hard work paid off when she won 3rd place in the 2003 C3 Convention for her portrayal of Gun Mage Rikku from Final Fantasy X-2. Her win catapulted her to internet stardom in the Philippines and established her as a well-known and respected figure in the cosplay community.

Apart from her cosplay endeavors, Alodia has been featured in several magazines, newspapers, and TV shows, both locally and internationally. Her achievements have not gone unnoticed, and she was recognized by DOS Magazine as one of the Most Influential Women in the Philippines. Her online presence has also allowed her to reach a broader audience, and her YouTube channel features her hobby in the cosplay and gaming world, making her an inspiration to aspiring cosplayers and gamers alike.

Overall, Alodia Gosiengfiao’s creativity, talent, and dedication have earned her a significant place in the entertainment industry and made her an influential figure in the Philippines.

10. PATCH (1M)

Patch Quiwa is a highly talented and gifted music artist from the Philippines, with a voice that can only be described as angelic. She has gained immense popularity through her remarkable song covers and original compositions, which include the hit songs “Simula Pa Nung Una” and “Torpe.”

What’s even more impressive is that Patch has produced all of her 17 singles on her own, recording them from the comfort of her home. Despite not having the support of a major record label, her songs have captured the hearts of many fans who appreciate her unique musical style and the emotional depth of her lyrics.

Patch Quiwa is a rising star in the music industry, and there is no doubt that her popularity will continue to grow. With her exceptional talent and soothing voice, she has the potential to become one of the biggest names in the Philippine music scene and beyond. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this incredible artist!

Top 10 YouTubers in the Philippines

YouTube has become an increasingly popular platform for entertainment, education, and information in The Philippines. With over 40 million adult Filipinos spending time on the video-sharing platform every month, it’s no surprise that a number of talented and creative YouTubers have emerged as the country’s top content creators. From cooking and health to comedy and lifestyle, there’s a YouTuber out there for everyone.

The top 10 Filipino YouTubers in 2023 include some of the biggest names in the country’s online entertainment scene. These include Ranz Kyle and Niana Guerrero, who are known for their dance covers and challenges, Wil Dasovich and Alodia Gosiengfiao, who create vlogs on lifestyle and travel, and Doc Willie Ong, who provides valuable health tips and advice.

Ivana Alawi, Cong TV, and Zeinab Harake are also among the top 10 YouTubers in the country, covering topics ranging from comedy and entertainment to family and parenting. With their engaging personalities, creative content, and millions of followers, these YouTubers have become cultural icons in The Philippines, providing a source of entertainment and inspiration to their fans across the country and beyond.

Who is the Number 1 YouTuber in the Philippines?

Ivana Alawi is one of the most popular female YouTubers in The Philippines. She has gained a huge following on the platform due to her entertaining and engaging content. Ivana was already well-known before she joined YouTube, thanks to her successful career as an actress and model. However, since she started creating content on the platform, her popularity has soared even higher.

Ivana has won the hearts of her fans with her sweet and humble personality, and her content covers a wide range of topics, including vlogs, mukbangs, pranks, tours, and family content. Her dedicated fan base is spread all over The Philippines, and her success on YouTube shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

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