Eye test: You have eyes like an eagle if you can see a snake in the desert for 9 seconds!

You probably know that solving tough puzzles every day will make you smarter. These online quizzes have been scientifically proven to enhance your cognitive abilities, memory power, and logical and observational abilities. What’s more, these brain boosters are tried and true mood boosters. You can test yourself and improve your skills while having fun along the way. This is a win-win situation.

So today, we are here with a brand new edition of these hidden object conundrums. We have prepared a visual test for you today. The idea of ​​this new brain puzzle is quite simple. You must examine a photo and discover an item hidden inside it. Hidden items can be anything – from objects like watches and books to animals, birds and reptiles.

So are you ready to challenge your vision? Let’s get started.

Visual inspection- Detects snake within 9 seconds

Take a close look at the visual inspection puzzle.

Source: Bright Side

You can see a desert in this photo. The sand stretches to the horizon and there is a lone house in the middle of the desert. You can also see an old man wearing a cowboy hat, sitting in a chair on the porch of what we assume is his house. There’s a sand scorpion on the road, and although you might think there are only two living creatures in this visual experiment, you’d be wrong. There is also a snake hiding somewhere and your goal is to find that reptile.

As the title states, you will only have 9 seconds to solve this puzzle. So set a timer and get started.

Meanwhile, here’s another quiz for you:

You have 20/20 vision if you can see the P hidden between the Bs for 8 seconds!

When the 9 seconds are up, scroll down to see the solution.

Visual inspection solution

The aim of this visual test puzzle is to spot the snake hiding in the desert within 9 seconds. Here’s the pesky reptile:

Source: Bright Side

If you can solve this problem, congratulations! If not then try your luck with this:

Are you good at finding things? Prove yourself by finding the frog hidden among the cats in 8 seconds.

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