Test your observation skills by spotting 3 differences in 9 seconds. Currently!

“Find the differences” is one of the most popular online games today.

The basic premise of the spot the difference game revolves around two identical pictures. Even though at first glance they seem identical, there are slight differences between them and your task is to spot the differences between the two photos.

Spot the difference games are a popular visual puzzle that challenges your observation skills. When carefully comparing two pictures, you will need to pay attention to even the smallest details to identify all the variations.

This game becomes more competitive by adding a time limit.

So, if you are looking for a game that is both entertaining and good for your brain, you’ve come to the right place.


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Find 3 differences in 9 seconds


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The image shown above depicts a plate of food that includes steak, pancakes, a fried egg, broccoli, lettuce, tomato slices, and dried fruit.

The two photos at first glance are almost identical.

But upon closer inspection, you can see that both images are not exactly the same.

There are 3 differences and you need to spot them in 9 seconds to solve this challenge.

Some differences will be easy to spot, while others will be very complex.

Examine the image carefully and note any discrepancies you come across.

Studies show that engaging in such activities stimulates the areas of the brain responsible for concentration and memory.

Therefore, practicing these activities regularly will help enhance concentration and better memory retention.

How many differences have you discovered so far?

Hurry up; Time is running out.

Study the images carefully; Once you start paying attention, it’s easy to spot the difference.


Every now and then.

How many can you spot all the differences within the time limit?

Congratulations to those readers who were able to identify all the differences.

Those who are still searching can stop now and check out the solutions provided below.

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Find 3 differences in 9 seconds – Solution

The difference challenge in this slot is to find three differences within the time limit of 9 seconds. The differences are as follows:


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