Only 1% of geniuses can spot 6 differences in a Viking picture within 18 seconds!

There are a variety of strategies for improving general cognition, including physical activity and puzzle solving. The act of exercising can get cumbersome in the end, but solving puzzles never does.

You should try to solve at least one spot the difference puzzle every day if you really want to improve your observation and attention to detail. These challenges test your eyesight as it can be difficult to distinguish variations between two almost identical images. Try the spot the difference game we prepared today if you are curious to see how good your skills are. Let’s start?

Find 6 differences in 18 seconds



The image above is an image of a Viking warrior standing on a seaport. You can see a rowing boat in the sea with many people on board; there is also a cliff in the distance clearly visible in the picture; and there was an eagle flying high in the sky. The two images are almost indistinguishable, but if you look closer, you’ll see there are six differences between them. We are turning this fun game into a fun challenge. You only have 18 seconds to find five differences between the two pictures. Are you ready? We hope you do. Your time starts now. All the best!

If you can’t identify the difference between the two pictures, don’t worry because we are about to give you a solution to solve this problem. Scroll down to see it.

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Solution find the difference

Here are six differences between the two Viking paintings. See them for yourself:



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