The movie is almost over! Can you find the popcorn hidden in this optical illusion before it’s too late?

Optical illusions have existed for centuries. These puzzles engage the human mind by playing with our perception.

These puzzles trick our mind by making us believe that there are no objects/animals hidden in a photo and hunting for them can confuse us.

Such an optical illusion is currently the talk of the town. This puzzle challenges anyone to find hidden popcorn in a crowd of moviegoers.

The image created by ICE36 on Instagram is a cartoon image of people in a cinema watching a 3D movie.

Did you know that Nebraska produces the most popcorn in America? Pretty interesting isn’t it?

Back to the challenge, the image cleverly hides 5 popcorn boxes that need to be discovered within 25 seconds.

Do you have the skills of a real puzzle master to find the hidden snack? Can you beat the clock?

Start the timer and start searching. All the best!

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Source: Instagram- ICE36

How’s the hunt for hidden popcorn boxes going?

Did you spot at least one of the boxes?

Come on, they’re lurking right in front of your eyes.

Alright, here are some tips to make it easier for you to solve this puzzle:

  • Enlarge Image: The best trick to detect hidden objects in an image is to zoom in and see different parts. This will help you find the little details in the puzzle.
  • Take a deep breath and focus: Often, time limits can create panic. The ideal way to deal with optical illusions is to maintain a calm mindset and focus fully on the image.

Any luck finding the hidden popcorn box now?

Okay, here’s a key tip that will make your search easier- Try finding the style of the popcorn box. These boxes are red and white.

Now, hurry up! Time is about to end!

3… 2… and 1!

Oh no! 25 seconds has ended.

How many popcorn boxes can you spot? If you find 3 or more boxes, congratulations, your observation skills have paid off quite well.

If your number is low, don’t give up! You can try to find all the popcorn boxes by scrolling back to the top and find them without time limit.

Now, here is the solution to this puzzle.

Find the hidden popcorn box- Solution

The image below highlights all the hidden popcorn boxes


Source: Instagram- ICE36

This optical illusion is quite interesting, isn’t it? Keep an eye on these puzzles and try to solve them within the time limit to become a real puzzle master.

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