Odd One Out: Only the curious can spot the Odd Piggy Bank hidden in the picture. 3 seconds left!

Piggy bank is the traditional name for a type of coin box commonly used by children. It is believed that these pigs are revered as symbols of good luck. Your task is to find the strange piggy bank hidden among the other piggy banks in the picture. Dopamine, a hormone that controls mood, memory and concentration, will be produced more easily through this mental training process. So now, let’s look for clues.

Where is the strange piggy bank?Source: Brightside.com

Can you find the strange piggy bank?

Knock Out is another name for piggy bank in some parts of the US. It evaluates a person’s ability to observe and general intelligence. And one needs to be imaginative, rational and have a clear perspective to come to a conclusion.

In case you feel stuck, take some hints from previously solved quirky Korean character puzzles.

Introducing this Odd One Out puzzle picture

This photo from Brightside gives additional credit to DepositPhotos (depositphotos.com) showing Piggy Banks. A total of 12 yellow piggy banks are divided into 4 columns and 3 rows. And your task here is to find the odd number in the picture. Remember to look through each row and column so you don’t miss any clues.

Instead of looking for big differences, focus on the little things like color, shape, grading, pattern, and what makes your first impression.

How quickly can you find the strange lipstick combo hidden in the picture? Try your skills!

Remember that you only have 3 seconds to finish this mental exercise.




Find brain teaser answers here:

Weird piggy bank hereSource: Brightside.com

Who keeps toffee and chocolate in the Piggy Bank when you have a big gut?

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Only a genius mind can find the image of a strange female student within 21 seconds. Good luck!

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