Happy World Emoji Day 2023: Quotes, images, wishes for WhatsApp, Facebook, Status and Instagram stories

Happy World Emoji Day 2023: World Emoji Day is celebrated every year on July 17. The day celebrates the impact of emojis on communication, fostering connection, overcome language barriers and add emotional depth to digital conversations with just a few simple symbols.

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Happy World Emoji Day 2023

Happy World Emoji Day 2023

Happy World Emoji Day 2023: World Emoji Day is celebrated every year on July 17. It is a global event that celebrates the joy and meaning of emojis, small digital symbols used used in messaging and social networks. This day was established to recognize the impact emojis have on communication, breaking down language barriers and adding emotional context to text-based conversations.

Jeremy Burge, creator of Emojipedia, an emoji reference website that details the definitions and uses of all emojis, introduced World Emoji Day in 2014. And the celebration of July 17 puts emotion on the calendar. To see why, take a quick look at your emoji section.

Delighted #WorldEmojiDay! Here are 6 women’s issues you should know explained with emojis: https://t.co/KG6yeRCtf1 pic.twitter.com/lyrhq2jttm

— UN Women Asia Pacific (@unwomenasia)
July 17, 2023

🇺🇳 “We are a people…” 🇺🇳

The UN works for everyone, everywhere — by working to achieve its goals #GlobalGoalspromote peace and security, and appeal to all people #StandUp4HumanRights. https://t.co/LI4LBEykhV #WorldEmojiDay pic.twitter.com/nxJXdKLXdf

— United Nations (@UN)
July 16, 2023

World Emoji Day 2023: Wishes & Messages

  • Happy World Emoji Day! Celebrate the power of small symbols that have become a universal language of emotion and expression. Spread the joy and keep those emojis flowing!
  • Today is World Emoji Day! Let’s embrace the colorful world of emojis and celebrate how they connect us across cultures and languages. Express yourself creatively and remember, sometimes emojis can speak louder than words.
  • Happy World Emoji Day to all the emoji enthusiasts out there! Use these little icons to spread positivity, love, and laughter. Remember, a well-placed emoji can brighten someone’s day and bring a smile to their face.
  • On this World Emoji Day, let’s appreciate the role emojis play in our digital conversations. They bridge the gap, overcome the language barrier and add personality to our message. So keep using emojis and keep the world connected!
  • Happy world emoji day everyone! Emojis have become an important part of modern communication, allowing us to express our feelings, convey our thoughts, and add a little fun to our conversations. Celebrate the power of these tiny symbols and keep the emoji spirit alive!
  • Wishing you a wonderful World Emoji Day! Emojis have revolutionized the way we communicate, overcoming language barriers and fostering connection. Let’s continue to use emojis to spread joy, understanding and solidarity across the globe.
  • Happy World Emoji Day to emoji lovers around the world! Celebrate the versatility of emojis that can convey a wide range of emotions, from happiness and excitement to sadness and love. Keep the emoji language alive and continue to express yourself with these small but powerful symbols!
  • Today is the perfect day to celebrate the impact emojis have on our digital lives. On World Emoji Day, let’s take a moment to appreciate how emojis have enriched our conversations, brought people together and made communication easier. more expressive and attractive.
  • Happy World Emoji Day! Let’s celebrate the wonderful world of emojis that have become the universal language of emotions. Whether you’re happy, sad, excited, or in love, there are emojis to express it. So keep using emojis to spread happiness and positivity everywhere!
  • On this World Emoji Day, let’s celebrate the power of emojis to transcend words and connect us all. Emojis have become a unique way to express ourselves, bring humor to our conversations, and promote understanding. So keep sending those emojis and keep the world smiling!

World Emoji Day 2023: WhatsApp and Facebook Status

  • Celebrate World Emoji Day! Let the emojis speak for themselves and bring joy to every message.
  • On this special day, let’s paint the world with emojis! Join me in celebrating World Emoji Day and let the emoji magic unfold.
  • Happy World Emoji Day! Leverage the power of emojis to connect, express and brighten our digital lives. Spread emoji love today and every day.
  • Today, we celebrate the global language of emojis! Happy World Emoji Day to all the emoji enthusiasts out there. Keep using emojis to break down barriers and express yourself creatively.
  • On this World Emoji Day, let’s make our conversations more vibrant and expressive with emojis! Please join me in celebrating the power of these small symbols to convey emotions and connect us all.
  • Happy World Emoji Day! Enjoy the beauty of emojis and let them add color and fun to your messages. Keep spreading positivity and laughter with these awesome little icons.
  • Today is World Emoji Day, a day to celebrate the language of emotions and expressions! Let’s use emojis to make our conversations more lively, engaging and inclusive. Join me in spreading emoji love!
  • Celebrate World Emoji Day with a smile! Take a moment to appreciate how emojis have transformed our digital communication, making it more colorful and expressive. Keep those emojis flowing and keep the conversation alive!
  • Happy World Emoji Day! Let’s celebrate the little icons that have become an integral part of our online conversations. Emojis overcome language barriers and bring us closer together. Join the emoji celebration and spread the emoji spirit!
  • On this World Emoji Day, express yourself in the language of emojis! Share your favorite emojis and show the world how they make your conversations more lively and meaningful. Happy World Emoji Day!

World Emoji Day 2023: Instagram Captions

  • Emojis are stronger than words!
  • Express yourself with emojis!
  • Celebrate the power of emojis!
  • Embrace the emoji language!
  • Let the emojis do the talking!
  • Spread the emoji love around the world!
  • Unlock emotions with emojis!
  • Join the emoji celebration!
  • Emojis: the universal language!
  • Happy World Emoji Day!

World Emoji Day 2023: Quotes

  • “I am very emoticon heavy. I will use the same emoji 140 times just to show how excited I am.”-Frankie Grande
  • “Emojis are a great way for us to better convey our expressions and moods.”- Anonymous
  • “Children today do not take up arms against their parents; they’re too busy texting them.” -Nancy Gibbs
  • “I text non-stop and I love emojis. I also use my phone a lot for work, maybe more than 10 calls a day.” – Evan Spiegel
  • “Emojis act as messengers for us, helping to express our emotions in a better way.” – Incognito
  • “Oceans of emotion can be conveyed through text messages, strings of emojis, and winking semicolons, but humans are hard-wired to react to images.”- Jenna Wortham
  • “Just like each person has a different personality, each emoji also has a different identity and meaning.” – Noname
  • “People have a hard time, but they need to communicate. Emojis are here to help and make things go smoothly!” – Anonymous

So this day celebrates emojis as a universal language that transcends cultural and linguistic differences and allows people to express themselves creatively and authentically. It also celebrates the role emojis play in enhancing digital communication, promoting understanding, and bringing joy and humor to our online interactions.

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