Brain Teaser for IQ test: Only the mastermind can spot three mistakes in the living room painting in 21 seconds!

Brain Teaser for IQ Test: There are many tools to measure a person’s intelligence level, but none are more interesting than puzzles, riddles or brain teasers. The competitive atmosphere of solving a difficult puzzle stimulates the release of happy hormones, making you feel good and enhancing your mental strength. Regularly solving difficult puzzles can even make you smarter than others, and who doesn’t want that?

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For that reason, we bring you this viral IQ brain test. Test your observation skills by finding three mistakes in the following living room painting within 21 seconds. Only the most intelligent individuals can accomplish this feat.

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Brain Teaser for IQ test: Guess the error in 21 seconds

Brain Teaser IQ Test: Guess the error in 21 seconds

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Above is a difficult IQ test that is being widely spread online. The painting depicts a woman enjoying time alone in her living room, reading a book. She is wearing a comfortable green sweater one afternoon and is relaxing.

However, there are three mistakes in the picture. You have to spot them all in 21 seconds. That’s your test.

Let’s see how smart you are.

The clock starts now!



You don’t have much time left. Need a suggestion?

There is an error in the calendar.

Now hurry up and find the other two.



Boom! Every now and then. Check out the solution below.

Brain Teaser for IQ testing solution

IQ brain teaser test answers

The mistakes in the living room teaser photo above are:

1. The clock is reversed. All numbers are on the opposite side.

2. The schedule is wrong. June does not have 31 days.

3. The woman is wearing one shoe and one slipper.

Hopefully you had fun with this tricky IQ test and found all the errors in time.

If not, don’t worry. You are not alone. Keep practicing and you will soon become a genius.

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