You have great survival skills if you can find the crocodile in murky water within 5 seconds!

Did you know that our brain, the most important organ of the human body, is often fooled? That’s right, our brains are tricked into seeing something that doesn’t exist or vice versa. The ideal example of this trick is the optical illusion puzzle. These puzzles are often graphic illustrations that often hide something in plain sight. According to researchers, figuring out these illusory puzzles gives you a great brain workout that can significantly enhance your problem-solving and observation skills. Are you ready for an extremely difficult optical puzzle today? Start.

If you have good observation skills, you can easily find out which character is hiding behind the zigzag lines.

Find alligators in 5 seconds

Look at the optical illusion picture puzzle below.


Source: Bright Side

The image above shows a swamp-like body of water. There are mangrove forests growing around it and there is a dangerous predator lurking in there, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. The predator lurking in the murky waters is a crocodile and your mission is to find it. You only have 5 seconds to spot the crocodile underwater. So set your timer and get started.

The luckiest.

People with 4K vision can spot the polar bear hidden in the icy photo within 8 seconds!

Solving optical illusions on a daily basis will improve your observation skills and ability to focus. It’s also a good way to improve your attention to detail. We’ve revealed the solution to this optical puzzle below. When time runs out, scroll down to see.

Optical illusion solution

Here is the hidden alligator:


Source: Bright Side

We hope you have fun solving this optical illusion puzzle with us. Here are a few similar things:

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