You are a genius if you can spot a mouse hidden among squirrels in 5 seconds!

Optical illusions are visual phenomena in which our brain perceives something different from reality.

They can trick us into thinking things aren’t really there, or they can trick our eyes into seeing things that aren’t there.

In ancient times, people called these optical illusions witchcraft, demons, or evil spirits. Then scientists discovered that the brain deceives us and it all happens due to different perceptions.

Optical illusion photos are often created using simple shapes such as triangles, circles, squares, rectangles, etc. These shapes are then arranged in various ways. to create illusions.

The aim is to see what is really not there or hidden in plain sight. Are you ready for a difficult challenge that will leave you stunned?

Let’s go!

Spot the mouse hiding among the squirrels in 5 seconds!

Take a close look at the optical illusion image below.


Source: Dudolf

Dudolf, a cartoonist from Hungary, created this optical illusion puzzle that is sure to confuse you. You may see some squirrels that look similar in this optical illusion picture puzzle. The squirrels in the picture are eating acorns, nuts and apples. The adorable rodents seem to be partying together. However, among these rodents lurks another species of rodent, the impostor. There is a mouse hiding among the squirrels. The challenge is to try to find the mouse hiding among these squirrels in 5 seconds.

Grab your mobile phone or any other device, set the timer to 5 seconds and get started. If you want, you can even remove your magnifying glass.

All the best!

Hurry up guys.

Did you spot the mouse?

If not, let us give you a suggestion.

Optical illusion suggestion: Try looking around the top of the photo.

Now, have you found the mouse?

The clock is ticking.

3… 2… and 1

Every now and then.

Optical illusion: Only 1% of geniuses can find the butterfly hidden in this image within 12 seconds

Some of you may have already found this mouse. Congratulations to them. However, there are also some people who may not find it hidden in this image.

Scroll down to see where the mouse is hiding.

Optical illusion solution

In this optical illusion IQ test, you have to find the mouse among the squirrels in 5 seconds. In case you can’t find the mouse, don’t worry. Here is the solution to this optical illusion puzzle.


Source: Dudolf

We hope you enjoy this optical illusion challenge.

An optical illusion is a visual phenomenon that tricks the brain into perceiving something different from reality. These illusions can take many forms, from simple patterns that appear to be moving or changing shape, to more complex images that appear to defy the laws of physics. They can be both fascinating and puzzling, making them a popular subject of study for scientists and a fun puzzle for people of all ages to enjoy.

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