How many bunnies are in the picture? Pass this challenge in 10 seconds!

Optical illusions reveal how your senses gather visual information and send it to the brain. Illusory images create deception by using color, light, and pattern to disrupt your visual perception. That is why only people with sharp vision can detect optical illusions.

These optical illusion images can also be used to measure your IQ level and even review your skills such as logical reasoning, critical thinking skills and the ability to spot hidden information .

Try this optical illusion to find out if you have the sharpest vision.

Can you count the number of white rabbits in the optical illusion within 10 seconds? Hidden animals optical illusions pictures

This optical illusion challenge looks cute and simple. All you have to do is count the number of white rabbits on the snowy tracks.

However, the challenge becomes fun and difficult because you only have 10 seconds to solve it.

Most people cannot find the exact number of rabbits in the picture. Some people guessed there were 19 rabbits while some said 22. But they were wrong.

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We can clearly recognize about 5-7 bunnies in the picture. But there are more rabbits if you look closely.

Can you spot them all in less than 10 seconds?

If you can’t spot all the bunnies within the time limit, you can check the optical illusion answers below.

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Optical Illusion Answers

Great! If you spot all the white rabbits. However, if you are still looking for them, we have marked their location in the image below.

animals hidden optical illusions with answers

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