Why is Guru Arjan Dev Shaheedi Diwas considered Chabeel Day? History, meaning and all you need to know

Chabeel Day 2023: Guru Arjan Dev was the fifth Sikh guru and the first of two Sikh guru martyrs. He was martyred on June 16, 1606. Shaheedi Diwas, or the anniversary of the martyrdom of Guru Arjan Dev, is honored on Jeth Sudi 4 (Hindu Calendar), which this year falls on May 23.

Chabeel Diwas is another name for Shaheedi Diwas of Guru Arjan Dev. Sikhs around the world take religion very seriously. Guru Arjan Dev wrote most of the hymns and more than half of the scriptures of the Guru Granth Sahib. He was a prolific hymn writer, composing 2,218 or more hymns. To learn more about Chabeel, its meaning and history, read this article.

What is Chabeel?

Chabeel is the name of a sweet, non-alcoholic beverage served cold in honor of Guru Arjan Dev Ji, the fifth Sikh guru. The pious concoction is made up of milk, cold water and rose syrup. Chabeel is commonly known as “Kachchi Lassi” in certain parts of Northern India as it does not require any form of cooking.

What is the history of Chabeel?

On Guru Arjan Dev Shaheedi Diwas, the Sikh community has been serving the public the pink elixir known as chabeel for decades. Sikhs are taught by Guru Arjan Dev to accept God’s will as blessings and sweetness. According to popular folklore, he was punished when he refused orders from the Mughals. He was drenched in hot sand and forced to sit on a burning iron plate. However, Guru Arjan Dev Ji stuck to his principles and refused to convert to Islam. After enduring a long period of unrelenting pain, he asked to take a dip in the Ravi River and never returned.

Since then, Chabeel Day is marked every year to honor the courage, perseverance and optimism of Guru Arjan Dev Ji. The Sikh community offers the public a cool, refreshing beverage to help them escape the oppressive heat and spread optimism and the value of faith.

What is the meaning of Chabeel?

A glass of Chabeel is nothing more than a blessing in the sweltering heat of May or June. This coolant not only reduces heat but also increases power. With its cooling effect, chabeel regulates body temperature and is even good for the digestive system. The drink reduces bloating and reduces uric acid levels. To stay hydrated, many people carry it with them on long journeys.

Guru Arjan Dev Shaheedi Diwas honors and remembers the courageous life of Guru Arjan Dev, who dedicated his life to serving the Sikh community. In the Indian state of Punjab, this day is observed as a regionally declared holiday. Offering seva, distributing chabeel, reciting scriptures and other acts of service are the usual ways of observing the martyrdom of Guru Arjan Dev.

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