Who is the wig expert between Sam and Ron? You only have 19 seconds!

Summer is here! And it’s getting hot. So, to make the most of your day, enjoy this mental exercise without thinking twice. You need some Sherlock Holmes, Puss in the Boots and Hermoine skills to find the wig expert in the photo

JagranjoshSource: Brightside.com

In contrast to the image above, your task is to guess between real and fake using your perception and observation ability. Instead of logic and mathematical formulas, this brain game for teenagers will test your visual sharpness and observation skills. It will improve your mental agility by strengthening the connections between brain cells.

Who is fake?

A brain teaser that includes both creative and analytical reviews. So with each effort, your ability to think critically and make decisions will improve. Additionally, by solving this mental exercise, you can improve your critical intuition and observation skills.

Find brain teaser answers here:

This image is from two hair experts Sam and Ron from Brightside. And you must possess an outstanding mindset, extraordinary imagination and logical reasoning ability to find the impostor. Divide the image into parts so as not to miss any clues. And go through all the rows and columns so as not to miss any clues.

Remember that you only have 19 seconds to finish this mental exercise.




Enough suspense and soothing background music, let’s move on to the answer.

JagranjoshSource: Brightside.com

How will Sam fix his hair with Insect Repellent Spray?

Cheering! You are a winner. And winners don’t stop conquering, they conquer more and more and… So, to continue with such interesting mental exercises, follow Jagran Josh.

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