What is WhatsApp’s new voice chat feature?

WhatsApp is constantly researching new features to provide a better user experience. Recently, the instant messaging platform is working on a new feature called Voice Chat.

This feature is available to Android beta testers and is observed by WABetaInfo, updated on the latest upcoming WhatsApp features.

This new feature will allow users to join a voice chat at any time. This feature is already available on platforms like Telegram and Discord. This feature is different from making a call in a group chat.


Source: WABetaInfo

WABetaInfo mentions: “As shown in the attached screenshot, a new voice waveform icon may show up in group chats in case the feature is enabled for the account and compatible with the group.”

“Tapping this icon will automatically start a voice chat and a dedicated interface will appear. Anyone in the group chat can join the voice chat at any time and start talking. If the voice chat remains empty, it will automatically end after 60 minutes if no one joins. However, anyone can start another voice chat at any time.” it added.

Additionally, the feature may be available to certain groups, WABetaInfo reports. The platform mentions that group chats with more than 32 participants will have this feature, and only 32 participants will be able to join the voice chat.

“It is important to note that only certain groups can access the voice chat feature. Generally, they can be in groups with more than 32 participants (although only up to 32 participants can join voice chat),” refers to WABetaInfo.

The main advantage of this feature is that it allows the user to initiate a group voice chat without interrupting the participants. However, every member will still receive a silent push notification whenever a voice chat is initiated.

If a voice chat is started and no one joins within 60 minutes, the voice chat will end automatically. You can access this feature by installing the latest beta version of WhatsApp on your Android device. WABetaInfo confirmed that it will be rolled out to more users in the coming weeks.

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