Weird quiz: Can you find the bird that is different from the others in the flock within 11 seconds? Try your luck!

Do you pay attention to the smallest details? Almost all brain teasers include oddball puzzles to assess students’ skills and cognitive abilities. Odds finding is a strategy for selecting an alternative based on a set of criteria.

Do you see any strange birds here?Source:

In contrast to the image above, you need to use common sense and extensive reasoning to find a solution. It’s really not that difficult; all you have to do is use your powers of observation to spot any hints.

What is the Odd One Out puzzle?

An essential component of logical reasoning is the odd component. It evaluates a student’s ability to observe and understand concepts in general. Another option must be crossed out from the selection for good reason. Along with great creativity, logical reasoning and a unique attitude, you also need to be able to think creatively.

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Introducing this Odd One Out puzzle picture

Image taken from Brightside’s quiz section. However, Brightside noted Depositphotos for images of chirping birds. A total of 60 birds are arranged in rows and columns, your task is to find the odd bird.

How to find strange pictures?

Finding the oddity is seen as choosing one thing as different from another. You have to pay attention to all the small and big details, colors, shapes, types, categories and anything else that comes to your mind to find the odd image.

Some basic tips you can follow:

  • Divide the image into parts.
  • Carefully compare each available option.
  • Create compact image collections.
  • Keep your thinking simple.
  • Most of the time, your initial choice is the best choice.
  • Finally, circle the answer that stands out and is quirky.

Remember that you only have 11 seconds to finish this mental exercise.




Find brain teaser answers here:

The odd bird in the flock is here.Source:

The person in the circle only has two strands of hair on his head.

Surely, you enjoyed yourself. One-of-a-kind puzzles can help you become more mentally flexible by strengthening the connections between brain cells. To get more out of this mental training, keep an eye on Jagranjosh.

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