Visual test: You will be very attentive if you can spot the crow hiding from the wolf in the photo within 6 seconds!

How thoughtful do you think you are? Can you look at an image and spot an item hidden inside it for a limited time? If you can, then today we have a very challenging brain teaser for you. Today, we have arranged another visual test quiz for you. The concept of this visual test is quite simple. All you have to do is spot something hidden inside the image. Are you ready? Let’s get started.

Visual inspection – Detects crows in 6 seconds

Look at the image below.


Source: Pinterest

The image is a French puzzle created in the 20th century. The image depicts a scene in a forest. There are hills and trees in this image and a wolf can be seen standing under the tree. The wolf was looking for a crow hiding somewhere in the forest. The wolf can’t find the bird, but maybe you can. You already know that you only have 6 seconds to spot the crow in the photo, so set a timer, practice your observation skills, and get started.

Meanwhile, you can try to spot the snake hiding in the desert and check whether you have hawk eyes or not.

Solution is provided at the end. So when time runs out, scroll down to find the solution.

Visual inspection solution

This visual test puzzle requires you to spot the crow hiding from the wolf within 6 seconds. Here is the hidden bird:


We hope that this picture puzzle will challenge all your devices. If you need more like this, you can try this fiddle:

Only 2% of attentive people can spot the deer hidden in this snow painting within 9 seconds!

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