Viral Brain Teaser: Only a super smart brain can detect the hidden red car within 13 seconds. Try your luck!

Cartoons or science fiction movies are definitely nutritious food for the eyes and brain. It helps you get back on track with your childhood, leaving behind all worries about late logins and unfinished tasks. Here, in this brain teaser, your mission is to find Lightning McQueen among the Anger from Inside Out images.

A brain puzzle will test your skills like creativity and observation instead of logic and mathematical formulas. And as a result, it strengthens the connection between brain cells, increases mental agility and helps solve short-term memory problems. Enough talking, back to the action, your task is to find the car hidden in the picture.


Can you find Lightning McQueen hidden in the Painting?

Brain Teasers require an out-of-the-box thinking, along with exceptional creativity and logical reasoning ability. In contrast to the image above, you must use both qualitative ability and visual acuity to find the red car hidden in the image. And seriously, it’s not that difficult, all you have to do is use your brain without missing any clues

And this simple mental exercise will reveal a wealth of knowledge about your brain’s power and capabilities.

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Find the Brain Teaser answer here:

Brainteaser is a puzzle that requires creative and logical thinking. Therefore, your ability to think and make decisions will improve with each try. Intellectual games will also help solve larger problems and develop important intuition and observation abilities.

Remember, your goal is to find the hidden image of the car in the photo. Easy right?

And you only have 13 seconds to finish this mental exercise.




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Enough suspense and soothing background music, let’s move on to the answer.

The photo shows an unevenly divided image of Anger, a character in the movie Inside-Out. And your task is to find the red car hidden in the picture. Now, go through all the rows and columns and use your skills like logical reasoning, observation and other abilities to finish this mental exercise.

Do you know?

Anger: Characteristics of anger include being intelligent, serious, short-lived, some hostility, extreme reluctance to express joy or sadness, bitterness, and hoarseness, but it also has a hidden interest. When things don’t go according to plan, he has a fierce, fiery personality and tends to explode (literally).

Lightning McQueen: At first, Lightning McQueen appears as a cocky and overconfident automobile who has no friends because he values ​​winning too much. Later, while living in Radiator Springs and getting to know new people along the way, especially his best friend Tow Mater, he develops into a sensitive, gentle and understanding person.

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Back to the Brain Teaser…

I’m sure you’re done!

It’s easy, isn’t it?

But if you’re still struggling to find the answer, look at the picture below to know Lightning McQueen’s position in the Photo.


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