True Cars fans will find Lightning McQueen in this Optical Illusion Photo within 11 seconds!

Welcome to the exciting world of optical illusions! Today we want you to get ready for an intense challenge where you need to test your observation skills.

In this puzzle, your mission is to find the legendary Lightning McQueen among the crowd of angry faces within 11 seconds and save him from the chaos.

Prepare yourself for an exciting challenge that will test your observation skills and love for the Cars series!

You all may have heard about the legendary movie Cars. If not, here is some basic information for you.

Cars is an animated film about Lightning McQueen, a young and ambitious race car driver with the dream of becoming the ultimate champion.

The film is set in a world inhabited entirely by vehicles and takes us on a journey through Radiator Springs, a small town located next to the newly constructed Interstate 40 .

Lightning accidentally arrives at Radiator Springs and realizes the true meaning of friendship and the importance of slowing down to enjoy the simpler pleasures in life.

So are you up for the challenge of finding the famous Lightning McQueen? Let’s dive in!

Remember the challenge is to find him within 11 seconds. Start!

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Source: Bright Side

Give your full attention to the image and you’re sure to find Lightning McQueen.

In this image, the colors and backgrounds of the angry faces and Lightning McQueen have been set almost similarly to confuse you.

Use your keen eyesight and find the camouflaged car.

Hint: As you scan the image, observe the unique features that distinguish Lightning McQueen from angry people.

Look for the vibrant red color that sets him apart from the rest.

Did you find him? Please try harder.

The deadline is about to end.

3… 2… and 1!

11 seconds are up!

Can you find Lightning McQueen among the angry faces? If anything then commendable, your concentration level is amazing.

If you don’t find him that’s okay, you’ll learn how to find hidden objects with some practice.

Here is the solution for you

Find Lightning McQueen – Solution

Lightning McQueen is in the bottom right of the photo and looks a bit shocked.


Source: Bright Side

I hope this optical illusion will be interesting. So sharpen your senses and observe every detail.

You’ll probably find the object in the next puzzle in a few seconds.

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