Search Puzzle: Test your attention by spotting the hidden light in 6 seconds!

Search puzzle: A “find and find” puzzle based on the premise of finding a hidden object in a picture.

Solving these puzzles requires intense concentration and is a great exercise for the brain.

This activity is a great stress reliever and is also extremely beneficial in improving observation skills.

Such regular practice Search and find puzzles Can promote cognitive development in children and prevent cognitive decline in adults.

Want to test your attention level?


Search – Find the Hidden Lamp in 6 Seconds


Source: Bright Side

The image shared above depicts a street scene in which a watchman is walking along the road.

The watchman is looking for something and as the title suggests, there is a hidden light on the road and your task is to find that light in 6 seconds.

Those with keen observation skills can spot the hidden lamp within a limited time.

Look closely at the image, scan all the areas, and see if you can pinpoint the location of the hidden light.

Can you find the hidden lamp in 6 seconds?

The task of finding the lamp in 6 seconds is a good way to test your attention span.

The best thing about participating Search and find puzzles is that it provides healthy exercises for the eyes and brain, thereby enhancing cognitive development and critical thinking.

Have you discovered the hidden light yet?


Keep looking, it could be right before your eyes.

Try looking at the image from different angles and see if you get a different perspective.

Hurry up; The clock is ticking fast.


Every now and then.

How many of you can successfully detect the hidden light?

We believe that by now most of you might have discovered it.


You are very thoughtful and have a keen eye for detail.

Some of you may still be looking for the hidden lamp.

You can stop searching and see the solution below.

Find the hidden lamp in 6 seconds – Solution

The hidden lamp can be detected by turning the image upside down. The way it hides cannot be detected at first glance.


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