Search and Find: You have the eyes of an eagle if you can spot a frog in the bedroom in 6 seconds!

Search and Find: “Search Challenge” is one of the most popular online quizzes that tests an individual’s observation skills and attention to detail.

In this activity, an image is displayed before the user that contains a hidden item. The hidden item can be any object, animal, number, alphabet, etc

The time limit to identify hidden items and complete challenges makes it competitive.

Regularly practicing this activity will be highly effective in improving observation and attention skills.

Do you want to test how good your observation skills are?

Then try to find a frog hidden in the bedroom in 6 seconds.

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Search – Find Frogs In Bedroom In 6 Seconds


Source: Brightside

In the image shared above, users see a small and cozy bedroom scene.

A girl can be seen sleeping happily with her teddy bear on the bed.

But there is an intruder in the bedroom hiding out of plain sight.

It is none other than a frog and your challenge is to find the frog hidden in the bedroom in 6 seconds.

The goal of this puzzle is to test your keen eye for detail and accuracy. It’s a great way to test your observation skills.

Only those with exceptional visual skills can solve the limited time challenge.

Have you found the frog hiding in the bedroom?

Hurry up; Time is running out.

The frog is present right before your eyes, but the way it blends in with its surroundings makes it difficult for users to recognize it at first sight.

Have you discovered the frog yet?

Focus on the image one last time to check if you can spot anything that resembles a frog.


Every now and then.

Most of you might have spotted the frog with your keen eyesight while some of you are still struggling to find it.

You can stop searching now.

Curious to know where the frog is hiding?

Then see the solution below.

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Find the frog in the bedroom in 6 seconds – Solution

The frog is present on the right side of the painting, present in one of the paintings. It is not visible at first sight because it blends in with its surroundings.


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