Search and Find: Can you find the broccoli hidden among the trees in 6 seconds?

Search and Find: “Search Challenge” is one of the most popular online quizzes that tests an individual’s observation skills and attention to detail.

The hidden object can be any object, animal, number, alphabet, etc. Regularly practicing this activity will be highly effective in improving observation and attention skills.

Do you have good observation skills?

Then try this quick challenge now.

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Find and Find – Find broccoli among the plants in 6 seconds


Source: Bright Side

In the image shared above, a group of trees is seen.

Hidden among the trees is a broccoli and your challenge is to find it within the time limit.

Considering the time limit, this is a challenging task and only those with exceptional visual skills can solve the challenge within the time limit.

The purpose of this quiz is to test your level of attention and detail.

Have you found broccoli among the trees?

Hurry up; Time is running out.

Broccoli is right there in front of your eyes, but the way it is presented in the image makes it difficult for users to spot it.

Do you recognize broccoli now?

Focus on the image to see if you can spot anything that resembles broccoli.

Last few seconds left.


Every now and then.

Most of you have probably spotted broccoli with your keen eyesight.

Some of you may still be looking for broccoli.

You can stop searching now.

Curious to know where broccoli is hiding?

Then see the solution below.

Find broccoli among the plants in 6 seconds – Solution

Broccoli is present in the lower part of the image center. It is identified by the color of the stem and its location is marked with a red circle.


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