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Rabindranath Tagore Jayanti 2023: Rabindranath Tagore’s birth anniversary is celebrated on May 9. He is the writer of the Indian national anthem “Jana Gana Mana” and is known as one of the greatest revolutionaries that India produced.

He was born on May 7, 1861. But his birth day is celebrated on the 25th day of the Bengali Month of Boisakh. He is also widely known for authoring Gitanjali and becoming the first non-European to win the Nobel Prize in Literature. In 1915, he was knighted by King George but renounced the title in 1919 after the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre.

Rabindranath Tagore Jayanti 2023: Famous and Motivational Quotes of Bengali Poet

1. “Faith is a bird that senses the light and sings while the dawn is still dark.”

2. “That side of our existence that reaches out toward the infinite, seeking not wealth but freedom and joy.”

3. “I have spent a fortune traveling to distant shores, gazing at towering mountains and vast oceans, but I still haven’t had the time to step out of the house a few steps to see a drop of dew on the ocean. blade. ”

4. “Death is not extinguishing the light, it is just turning off the light because dawn has come.”

5. “Gray hair is a sign of wisdom if you keep your tongue, your words and they are just hair, like when you were young.”

6. “I sleep and dream that life is a joy. I woke up and saw that life is about service. I acted and behold, serving is a joy.”

7. “We misunderstand the world and say it deceives us.”

8. “The highest education is one that not merely provides us with information but also brings our lives into harmony with all existence.”

9. “Wisdom is as small as water in a glass: clear, transparent, pure. Wisdom is as great as the water in the sea: dark, mysterious, impenetrable.”

10. “If you cry because the sun has gone out of your life, your tears will make you unable to see the stars.”

11. “If I can’t go through one door, I’ll go through another door or I’ll make a door. Something wonderful will come no matter how dark the present is.”

12. “Our nature is clouded by work done out of compulsion or fear. The mother reveals herself in the service of her children, so our true freedom is not freedom from action but freedom in action, which can only be achieved in the work of love .”

13. “The person who plants a tree, knowing that he will never sit under the shade of a tree, has at least begun to understand the meaning of life.”

14. “When we adopt any discipline for ourselves, we try to avoid everything except what is necessary for our purpose; It is this purposefulness, which belongs to the adult mind, that we impose on our students. We say: “Never keep your mind awake”

15. “Love is an endless mystery, because there is no logical reason that can explain it.”

16. “Let your life dance gently on the edge of time like dew drops on the tip of a leaf.”

17. “By plucking her petals, you do not capture the beauty of the flower.”

18. “Greed of profit has no time or limit to its possibilities. Its only purpose is production and consumption. It does not pity beautiful nature nor people. It is willing to cruel and unhesitating way to crush beauty and life.”

19. “The clouds drift into my life, no longer bringing rain or storms but to add color to my sunset sky.”

20. “We come closest to great things when we are humble.”

Biography of Rabindranath Tagore: Early life, education, work and achievements

Rabindranath Tagore Jayanti 2023: Poems of the Bard of Bengal


Waiting The song I came to sing remains unsung to this day. I spent all day tuning and unstrung my guitar.

Time has not yet come true, words have not been true, there is only the pain of wishes in my heart…

I have not seen his face, nor heard his voice; I just heard his gentle footsteps on the road in front of my house…..

But the lights haven’t been lit yet, so I can’t invite you into my house; I hope to see you; but this meeting has not yet come.

2. GitanjaliYou have made me endless, that is your joy. Empty this fragile vessel again and again and fill it with fresh life.

This little flute of reed you have carried over hills and valleys, and have blown through it eternally new melodies.

When I touched your immortal hand, my little heart lost its bounds in joy and gave birth to indescribable words.

Your infinite gifts only come to me in these very small hands of mine. Time passes, you still fall, there is still room to fill.

3. On the nature of love The dark night and the endless forest; Millions of people string it together in millions of ways. We try to keep ourselves in the dark, but where with whom – we do not know it. But we have this faith – that the happiness of a lifetime will appear at any time, with a smile on our lips. Smells, touches, sounds, fragments of songs pass over us, pass us by, giving us pleasant shocks. Then maybe there was a flash: whoever I saw at that moment I loved. I called that person and exclaimed: ‘This life is so happy! Because of you, I have traveled so many miles!’ All the others have come close and come out of the shadows – I don’t know if they exist or not.

4. Paper Boats Day after day I float each of my paper boats down the river. On it was written my name and the name of the village where I lived in large black letters. I hope that someone in some foreign land will find them and know who I fill my little boats with shiuli flowers from our garden, and hope that these dawn flowers will be brought back safely to port at night.

5. Where the mind is fearlessWhere the mind is fearless and the head held highWhere knowledge is freeWhere the world is not divided into pieces By narrow house wallsWhere words come from the depths of truthWhere tireless effort stretches its arms towards perfectionWhere the stream of pure reason never strays Into the dull desert of dead habitWhere the mind is led forward.

Rabindranath Tagore Jayanti 2023: Interesting Facts

  • Rabindranath Tagore was not only the first non-European to receive the Nobel Prize in Literature, he was also the first Asian to receive the award.
  • Tagore’s Nobel medal was stolen in 2004 from Shantiniketan. He again received an honor from the Swedish Academy in the form of two copies in silver and gold.
  • Rabindranath Tagore was knighted by King George V of England in 1915 in recognition of his outstanding contributions to literature.
  • He is the author of the national anthems of Bangladesh and India, as well as the Sri Lankan National Anthem, ‘Sri Lanka Matha.’
  • People noticed he was red-blue color blind because of his odd color combinations and eccentric aesthetic.
  • Rabindranath Tagore used the money from his Nobel prize to build the school “Visva-Bharati”.

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