Quiz for me: Which color switch will turn on the light bulb?

Visual quiz with answers: How fast is your brain? If you are a genius at solving visual IQ puzzles, you can get 100% just by telling which light switch turns on the bulb in the picture. See how fast you can decipher the clues in this puzzle. You have 10 seconds.

You have to be very observant to get the right answer. This is a perfect teacher-tested visual puzzle for kids and adults to test your intelligence and common sense.

Visual quizzes and quizzes are one of the best brain tests to gauge your problem solving and attention to detail skills, which are important skills in everyday tasks. daily.

Visual quiz: Can you tell which color switch will turn on the light bulb?

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Here we can see a puzzle image that asks you to tell which color light switch will turn on a light bulb. There are three color switches: Red, green, yellow and blue.

The wires from each switch created such a maze of spirals that it was difficult to tell which colored switch would turn on the light bulb. However, if you look closely at the image, you will notice that 3 of the ropes are dead.

This means that only one wired switch is connected and active to turn on the bulb. Which color switch is that?

Use your observation skills and common sense to find the answer.

Your time starts now! You have 10 seconds!

Have you figured out which color switch will turn on the bulb?

Don’t worry, we have provided the solution below.

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Answers to visual quizzes

Acclaim! If you find the right color switch in this visual puzzle within 10 seconds. However, if you are still looking for it, we have shared the solution below. Look at the wire attached to the light bulb (circled below), now follow its path to lead you to the color switch on the right which is the yellow one.

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