Optical illusion: The children were playing hide and seek when the dog joined in. Can you find the hidden dog?

One of the most popular games we used to play as children is hide and seek. The game is perfect to give us a sense of excitement. Spot a few kids playing a game and you won’t be able to resist the fun. This is also what happened to the dog in the photo. The children had fun playing hide and seek, but the dog couldn’t resist the fun. Now, the dog is also hiding while Henry is counting to 30. The dog is playing in the garden but when he sees the children playing the game, he cannot resist the fun and joins them. Now, while finding the children is extremely easy, finding the dog hidden in the photo is extremely difficult. Can you find the hidden dog? Well, if you answered the question in the affirmative then you are ready to read the next story.

Henry never won any game- STORY TIME!

Henry is a 7-year-old child with poor self-esteem. No, the problem is not the parenting style of his caregivers. Henry probably had the most loving and understanding parents. They encouraged him to do better and forgave him for his mistakes. In that case, what caused his self-esteem to suffer? Well, the truth is that by a coincidence Henry has never won any match against his friends until now. When the kids played baseball, he could never run well. When they went out to play badminton, the bad weather never allowed him to score more points than others. Now, Henry has lost all faith, but pressure from friends does not make him give up. Today the kids are playing hide and seek and we are looking forward to helping him. Henry is counting to 30 and although we cannot make the children understand the situation and help him win, we can certainly help him find the hiding dog. That’s why you need to find the hidden dog. Now that you know the story, you’re ready to read the rules of the challenge.

Rules of the challenge!

The rules of the challenge are quite simple and easy to understand. All you have to do is help Henry find the hiding dog. While Henry counts to 30, you have about 30 seconds to find the hiding dog. To be precise, set a timer for 30 seconds on your phone. Start looking for the hidden dog as soon as the clock starts. Stop looking for it as soon as the timer beeps.

Now that you clearly know all the rules, you are ready to find the dog hidden in the picture.

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Find the hidden dog


Image source: Empowered Parents

This is the dog hiding!


Image source: Empowered Parents

Can you find the hidden dog? Well, finding the hidden dog is extremely easy. Henry also regained his confidence when he found the hiding dog. We’re so sorry, dog, we had to cheat to help Henry regain his confidence. We won’t lie to you anymore.

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