Optical illusion test: Can you spot the tiger hiding among the zebras in 8 seconds?

An optical illusion is a visual phenomenon in which our brain perceives something different from reality. They can trick us into thinking things aren’t really there, or they can trick our eyes into seeing things that aren’t there. In ancient times, people referred to these optical illusions as witchcraft, ghosts, or evil spirits. Then scientists discovered that the brain deceives us and it all happens because of different perceptions.

Optical illusion photographs are often created using simple shapes such as triangles, circles, squares, rectangles, etc. These shapes are then arranged in various ways. to create an illusion. The goal is to see what is really not there or hidden in plain sight. Are you ready for a tough challenge that will stun you?


Find the hidden tiger in 8 seconds

Let’s take a look at today’s optical illusions.


Source: The Sun UK

In this optical illusion imaging test, you can see a meadow and a herd of zebras lazily grazing. In addition to the herd of zebras, there is another species of animal present in the grasslands.

More specifically, there is a tiger lurking among the zebras in this optical illusion image.

Your goal in this optical illusion is to find the tiger within the given time. As usual, we also timed the optical illusion of this hidden tiger. We give you 8 seconds to solve this online puzzle.

This is a challenge for you and only the highly observant can spot the tiger hidden in this illusion.

The time limit is 8 seconds. Your time starts now!

All the best!

Solution is provided below. Scroll down to see the tiger in hiding.

Optical illusion solution

In this optical illusion IQ test, you have to find the tiger among the zebras in 8 seconds. In case you can’t find the tiger, don’t worry. Here is the solution to this optical illusion puzzle.


Source: The Sun UK

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