Optical illusion: It’s hard to find a tall animal. Try to find the giraffe hidden in the photo!

Giraffes are extremely difficult animals to find. Can you spot the giraffe hidden in the picture?

Talk to people of all ages and you will know how many of them are obsessed with height. People who are short and cute, wish their legs or spine were higher. Rarely are people satisfied with their height. While one should never try to conform to unrealistic height and beauty standards, luckily for those who don’t have to take polls and perform difficult stretches to increase the height. Guys around the world spend a lot of money on supplements and devices to increase their height because taller guys seem to be more attractive to the opposite sex. Furthermore, many girls also wish to be as tall as the supermodels they pursue. Basically, no matter how beautiful or attractive a person is, good height automatically adds to one’s attractiveness.

While humans always pursue a balanced physique and a beautiful height, some animals are endowed with great height. Yes, we know that the first thought that comes to your mind is about giraffes. Giraffes are truly creatures endowed with great height. Today’s challenge is based on giraffes. Excited? Let’s get started.


The rules of the challenge are quite simple. All you have to do is find the hidden giraffe in no more than 10 seconds. Although this sounds simple, it is not. Giraffes are not only blessed with an ideal height, but the giraffe in this image is also super intelligent. The smart giraffe is hiding in this image so cleverly that it can’t be found in just 10 seconds. However, we know that our dear readers are experts in making the impossible possible.

Hey, who’s going to keep track of the time? Well, we can’t ask giraffes for help and we can’t get to your location right now. So the best way is to use technology. No matter what phone you use, every phone these days has a clock on it. The same clock that helps you set your alarm in the morning so you wake up on time for work will help you right now. Just set a timer for no more than 10 seconds on your phone. Start looking for the hidden giraffe as soon as the clock starts. Stop when the clock stops. Remember, the real fun in a challenge is when you play it with utmost honesty.

Find the hidden giraffe!


Image source: IQ Exercise (YouTube)

This is the hidden giraffe!


Image source: IQ Exercise (YouTube)

The giraffe in the photo is not only tall but also smart enough to camouflage behind the trees. Oh giraffe, you really made it difficult for us to find you!

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