Optical illusion: It is forbidden to bring cell phones into the exam room! Hey, whose cell phone is beeping? Can you find the hidden cell phone?

“Exam regulations.

1) Each question is worth 20 points.

2) All questions are mandatory.

3) It is STRICTLY PROHIBITED to bring cell phones or any other electronic devices into the exam room. Doing so may result in a penalty and will immediately ban the student from taking the exam.

4) Any act of whispering/cheating in the exam room will result in candidates being reprimanded immediately.

Wishing you all the best for your exams!”

Read the rules of the question sheet.

Although these clearly stated rules are enough to give proper warnings to students and force them to take the exam with absolute discipline and honesty, some students may not listen. Students’ fear of not getting a high score or their general careless attitude motivate them to courageously violate exam regulations and cheat even on extremely important exams. And oh, to the great happiness of such cheating students, many times they have escaped the supervisor’s sight. It’s all thanks to Darwin’s theory that the younger generation is often smarter than the elders and can deceive them with unfaithful tricks in the exam room. While they score some pluses and pass tough exams, such students become unfaithful citizens of tomorrow. Parents and teachers who support cheating in the exam room are actually individuals who perhaps indirectly motivate them to cheat in many areas of their lives. Children who learn to cheat on exams at a young age often become liars who cheat in relationships and citizens who cheat in their own countries just to avoid a few more hours of hard work. and to stand out from others. And oh, students who cheat on exams may get higher scores, but their knowledge is certainly always questioned. So, although cheating on exams may sound like a reckless act and can be considered one of the fondest memories of childhood, it is actually harmful to both students and society as a whole. festival.

Therefore, it is important to advocate honesty and integrity when taking any exam, even if the exam results are unfavorable.

However, although there are many moral teachings and models, sometimes it is not possible to teach those values ​​to some students. They feel that being able to easily cheat on exams or violate exam hall rules makes them look super cool.

For example, everything looks good in the exam room in the given photo. It seems like all the students worked very hard and showed up dedicatedly for the test. However, doubt rose in the supervisor’s mind when the beeping sound of the cell phone in class reached his ears. At first, he thought it was his personal cell phone, but when he realized that he had actually turned off his personal cell phone during the three-hour test, that’s when he couldn’t resist. the urge to search for a hidden cell phone. in class without disturbing dedicated students.

That’s right, today’s “Find Hidden Objects” challenge is a little different. Who Is there cheating in the exam?

Can you help the supervisor find the hidden cell phone?


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Well, we found the hidden cell phone and the results might shock you a bit.

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Lisa is a liar!


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Don’t believe us?

Take a closer look at the image!


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What we thought was her hair clip was actually her cell phone in disguise. That is the intelligence of today’s generation, however, it is sad to see that intelligence being exploited for the purpose of cheating in exams. Lisa did wrong and deserves to be punished. Sometimes, harsh punishments for cheaters are actually justice for loyalists, both in the exam room and in society at large.

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