Optical illusion: Can you identify the hidden number in the photo in 6 seconds?

Optical Illusion: Optical illusion images are anesthetizing images that contain hidden details and are created in a way that fools the human visual system, i.e. eyes and brain.

These optical illusions are not only entertaining but also beneficial for the brain. Studies show that visual illusions can help us understand how our brains and eyes perceive the world around us.

Such a mind-bending optical illusion asking netizens to identify a hidden number has left netizens scratching their heads.

Only people with excellent observation skills have a chance to identify the hidden number.

Are you one of the chosen few on this planet?

Let’s find out.

You are a champion of optical illusions if you can find a doll among the penguins in 8 seconds!

Optical Illusions – Find Hidden Numbers in 6 Seconds


Source: Pinterest

The image shared above depicts a spiral image containing a secret number inside.

This difficult challenge is driving netizens crazy as many people are struggling to find the hidden number.

This difficult challenge requires participants to pay close attention to the image to identify the hidden number.

It’s one of the simplest ways to test your observation skills.

The hidden number has been expertly combined with the image, making it difficult to recognize at first glance.

Only the most intelligent and attentive individuals will be able to identify the hidden numbers within the time limit.

Hurry up; Time is running out.

Have you determined the number yet?

Few seconds left.




Every now and then.

How many numbers can you identify within the time limit?

Congratulations to those who determined the number, you truly have outstanding observation skills.

Curious to know where the hidden number is?

Check out the solution provided below.

Find hidden numbers in 6 seconds – Solution

The hidden number in the image is 20.

To see the hidden number, you need to focus on the center of the image and gradually move your head back, until your eyes are at least 15-20 cm from the image.


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