Only 1 in 9 people can spot 2 mice hiding from a lion in a jungle photo within 12 seconds!

If you’re here, then we can safely assume that you enjoy puzzles that challenge your observation skills and cognitive abilities. And as you probably know, optical illusions are a great way to test your skills. So today we won’t spend much time talking about how solving optical illusions and brain teasers can benefit you; We’re going straight to today’s illusion puzzle. Before we get started, though, a word of caution – this optical illusion is one of the trickiest puzzles we’ve ever come across. So you need to try your best; only then can you solve it.

Are you ready? Let’s get started.

Optical illusion – Spotted 2 mice hiding from a lion within 12 seconds

Take a close look at the optical image posted below.


Source: Juniopuzzles

As you can see, there is a fierce lion in the forest roaring fiercely. The two mice somehow sneaked into the lion’s den but after seeing the lion, they ran away in fear. The mice are hiding somewhere in the lion’s den, and as you probably know, the goal of this optical illusion test is to find the two mice hiding within 12 seconds. Go ahead, set your timer to 12 seconds and get started.

We’ve stated this before but let us remind you again; This is one of the hardest optical illusion puzzles we’ve come across to date. Make sure you try your best, otherwise you won’t be able to solve this puzzle. It is said that only 1 out of 9 people can solve this problem. Will you be one of them? Or not? If you find this difficult then we can give you a little hint.

Optical illusion hint: Rats can be found ABOVE Lion. This is an important hint and we hope that with its help you will be able to solve this optical puzzle easily.

Have you spotted the two mice yet? If not, please hurry up. We believe your 12 seconds are almost up.

Meanwhile, here’s a royal optical illusion for you. Watch:

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This quiz is a test of your observation skills. Your time is up. Can you spot the 2 mice hiding from the lion in the jungle picture within 12 seconds? Or were you unsuccessful? Let’s find out. Scroll down to see the solution to this tricky riddle.

Optical illusion solution

In this optical illusion puzzle, you are asked to find two mice hiding from the lion within the given time. Many of you may have solved this extremely difficult optical puzzle, while some of you may not have been able to. We know that this puzzle is difficult and here is its solution:


OH! So the rats were hiding there. It’s no surprise that these two pesky rodents are so difficult to detect. If you liked this optical illusion quiz then try the next one:

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