Observation test: Can you spot the hidden mask at the museum in 6 seconds?

How good are you at observing things? If you want to know the answer to this question, you must try this tricky riddle. The goal of this brain game is to find an object hidden somewhere in this picture. This hidden object brain teaser game is a great way to test your observation and eyesight skills. Solving these types of puzzles can help you improve your cognitive abilities and boost your memory power.

So, are you up for the challenge? Let’s get started.

Detect hidden masks in 6 seconds

Take a closer look at today’s brain-teasing picture puzzle.


Source: Bright Side

In this brain puzzle you can see a group of children visiting an art museum. However, something is wrong in the museum, one of the artistic masks from the 17th century has gone missing. The museum guide and the children were both shocked. They couldn’t find the missing mask anywhere, but maybe you can.

It is said that only people who are not good but have excellent observation skills can detect the mask hidden in the photo. Do you consider yourself to have excellent observation skills? If the answer is yes then you must take this challenge. As you may know, there is a time limit set for this tricky puzzle.

You will only have 6 seconds to spot the hidden mask at the museum. Do you have what it takes to pass this observation test? Or will you fail? Let’s find out.

Since this is a test of your observation skills, observe the images carefully. Look at the kids, look at the museum guide, look at the glass displays and see if you can spot any mask silhouettes anywhere.

Meanwhile, see if you can find the two cats in the 1800s painting in 7 seconds! Now, let’s get back to the brain teaser at hand. You’re running out of time. Can you spot the hidden mask within the given time?

Some of you may have solved this tricky puzzle easily. Congratulations to them. Scroll down to see the answer to this tricky riddle.

Brain teasing solution

You are asked to find the missing mask at the museum within 6 seconds in this brain-tugging picture puzzle. Here is the solution:


Source: Bright Side

Did you have fun solving this tricky puzzle with us? We hope you did. This particular puzzle is an effective way to sharpen your observation skills and keep your gears turning. It is worth mentioning that solving difficult questions regularly will make you smarter. So make sure you tackle one of these problems every day. If you like this quiz then you must try this one too:

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