Meta explains how users can manage spam international calls on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp users from all over the world are receiving fraudulent international WhatsApp calls. Most of these international calls have codes like +84 (Vietnam), +62 (Indonesia), +237 (Cameroon, Africa) and +251 (Ethiopia, Africa). While the fraud behind these calls is yet to be revealed, WhatsApp has warned users about those phone numbers and advised them to block and report them as soon as possible.

Users complain about scam WhatsApp calls from international numbers

WhatsApp users are increasingly complaining about receiving spam WhatsApp international audio calls. These calls had numbers indicating they originated from countries such as Kenya and Ethiopia. Many people also complained that they receive such spam calls even though they have not disclosed their contact number on any online platform. Many users also complained about receiving sweet messages from such numbers, making the situation even more worrying.

What does WhatsApp advise?

WhatsApp suggests immediately blocking and reporting such calls. “At WhatsApp, user safety is at the core of everything we do and we have worked hard to empower users with resources,” a company spokesperson said in a statement. and tools that equip them to protect themselves from scams.”

The spokesperson also mentioned that blocking and reporting spam messages and calls like these is an important step in fighting scams. WhatsApp provides an easy way to block and report accounts that are likely to send spam. The spokesperson reminded us that reporting such suspicious accounts is essential so that WhatsApp not only bans them from the platform but also takes harsh action against them.

Some additional recommendations of the platform for users…

The social media platform recommends users use WhatsApp’s privacy controls and only make their personal information visible to their WhatsApp contacts. This method can protect their accounts from potentially dangerous account holders.

What steps has the company taken?

To protect users from such scam calls and messages and enhance user security, WhatsApp said it has improved its ML and AI systems.

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