List of 11 critically endangered bird species in India

According to the official website of Birds Of India, 182 Indian bird species are classified as Critically Endangered, Endangered, Vulnerable and Near Threatened on the IUCN Red List of Endangered Species. The trade in these species is outlawed worldwide due to the global extinction threat they face. In particular, the conservation of birds in India is influenced by the fact that many of these species are native to the Indian Subcontinent.

List of 11 critically endangered bird species

1. Great Indian Bust

The great Indian skunk is the most endangered bird found only in India and surrounding areas. The magpie is one of the largest flying birds with a weight of up to 15 kg and a height of about 1 m from the ground. The largest terrestrial bird habitats are shrubland, tall grass, semi-arid grasslands and semi-deserts in Rajasthan. Due to heavy hunting and habitat loss, this bird is disappearing from many parts of India. It is the state bird of Rajasthan. There is a wildlife sanctuary called the Great Indian Wildlife Sanctuary in Solapur, Maharashtra.


2. Red-headed vulture

The Red-headed Vulture also known as the Indian Black Vulture or King Vulture is one of the Old World vultures found in the Indian Subcontinent. Due to the use of Diclofenac in veterinary medicine, the number of this species has decreased sharply in recent years. The Indian Vulture, the Slender Vulture and the White-footed Vulture are some of the other vulture species found in India and are listed as critically endangered.


3. Wild Owl

The wild owl is an endangered species of the typical owl family and is endemic to the forests of central India. The small forest owl was considered extinct but was later rediscovered and the small population made the species critically endangered in India. Melghat Tiger Reserve, Taloda Forest Range and Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh Forests are the best places to find this little forest owl. The forest owl is the state bird of Maharashtra.


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4. Sandpiper bill spoon

The Spoon Billed Sandpiper is the most threatened bird in the world and is also listed as critically endangered in India. Extremely small populations, loss of habitat, and loss of breeding grounds put spoonbill chicks at risk of extinction. The main base in India is the Sundervan plain and neighboring countries.


5. Jerdon’s Course-

A nocturnal bird, the Jerdon’s Courser is the most mysterious and threatened bird in India, especially endemic to southern Andhra Pradesh. The Jerdon’s Courser is listed as a critically endangered bird. It was about to be declared extinct but reappeared but is still critically endangered due to habitat loss. This bird is commonly found in the Godavari river valley, Sri Lankamalleshwara Sanctuary and in the Eastern Ghats forest range.


6. Floric Bengal

The Bengal Florican is a rare species of the pollican family and is native only to the Indian Subcontinent. The Bengal Florican is one of the most threatened species and is nearly extinct elsewhere in the world, with fewer than 1,000 young Bengal Floricans disturbed in the Indian Subcontinent. It is the world’s rarest bustard, but poaching and land conversion for agriculture have stripped it of its habitat and tagged it as endangered.


7. White-bellied heron

The Great White-bellied Heron also known as the Royal Heron is a large heron found in the foothills of the Great Himalayas to the Eastern Himalayas. The tall black and gray heron are the large species with the longest necks and do not have black stripes on their necks. The loss of wetlands, poaching and habitat destruction are major concerns for herons.


8. Himalayan quail

The magnificent and beautiful Himalayan quail belongs to the pheasant family and inhabits only the western Himalayas of Uttarakhand and northwestern India. The Himalayan quail is one of the highly endangered Indian bird species. Habitat destruction puts it at risk of extinction. The Quail’s building is of average size and only flies to close areas.


9. Lapwing sociable

The sociable lapwing is a migratory bird from the vast grasslands of Kazakhstan and is found only in the northwestern region of India. The medium-sized lapwing is attractive with its long black legs, dark belly, and short black bill. Habitat destruction is the main reason this species is placed on the list of endangered birds.


10. Siberian Crane

The beautiful Siberian white crane is a migratory bird and visits India in winter. The beautiful Siberian crane is one of the most endangered birds in the world. In recent years, the number of migratory Siberian cranes has decreased slightly and is at risk of extinction.


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11. Bunting Golden Breasts

The yellow-breasted sparrow belongs to the Emberizidae bird family. Illegal trapping and hunting in wintering areas has led to the species’ extinction. In some parts of China and Southeast Asia, it is sold to consumers and considered a delicacy. In grasslands near swamps or rivers, there are a few scattered trees and bushes where the Yellow-breasted Bunting breeds. It frequents gardens, agricultural areas, rice fields, reedbeds and bushes throughout the winter. Depending on the season, it consumes crustaceans, seeds and other plant components. The nest is usually built slightly above the ground in thick foliage and located on the ground in a depression protected by brush or tree roots.

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India is home to many endangered bird species, including Indian vultures, great Indian colts, Siberian cranes, Jerdon birds of prey and forest owls. Habitat loss, poaching and pollution threaten their survival. Conservation efforts, such as sanctuaries and awareness campaigns, are vital to preserving these beautiful and ecologically important birds.

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