How to Lock your WhatsApp Chats with New Feature?

To provide more privacy and security to its users, WhatsApp has decided to introduce ‘WhatsApp Chat Lock Feature’. Meta-owned instant messaging app announced the feature recently so that people can protect their secret chats with multiple layers of security.

What is the WhatsApp chat lock feature?

This new WhatsApp feature allows users to choose both individual and group chats that they want to keep secret or hidden. The company has launched this feature globally.

According to WhatsApp blog “Locking a conversation takes that thread out of your inbox and puts it behind a private folder that can only be accessed with your device password or biometrics, such as fingerprints. It also automatically hides the content of that conversation in notifications.”

This feature adds an extra feature to WhatsApp’s already secure platform, providing options for chat archiving, end-to-end encryption, encrypted backups, disappearing messages, blocking screenshots and other security features.

What are the benefits of the WhatsApp Chat Lock feature?

This feature can be very useful for people who often have to share devices in the office or at work. In the official video uploaded by WhatsApp, it clearly shows that this feature can be useful for people who share their phone with others, such as family members, which is quite popular in some countries. area number.

While launching the feature, the instant messaging app stated “We think this feature will be great for people who have reason to occasionally share their phone with a family member or those moments where someone else is holding your phone at the right time. Have a more special conversation.

“You can lock a chat by tapping on the name of the person or group and selecting the lock option. To reveal these conversations, slowly scroll down your inbox and enter your phone password or biometrics.”

How to use WhatsApp Chat Lock feature?

To lock a WhatsApp chat, here are the steps mentioned by the WhatsApp Help Center:

  • Update WhatsApp to the latest version
  • Tap Chat Info then tap Chat Lock
  • Tap Lock this chat with fingerprint or Lock this chat with Face ID.
  • Tap View to view the chat in the Locked Chats folder.

To view locked chats, here are the steps:

  • Go to the chat and Swipe down slowly.
  • Tap the folder labeled “Locked Chats”
  • Provide your biometric authentication- FaceID or Fingerprint to unlock
  • Tap the conversation to view or send a message

The Help Center section mentions that “When a chat is locked, notification and contact content will be hidden.

“The notification will appear as WhatsApp: 1 new message.

To help keep media private, you will have to turn off chat lock to save media to your phone’s gallery.”

What other new features has WhatsApp introduced?

Along with the WhatsApp Chat Lock Feature, the platform introduced several other new features recently:

  • “New update for Polls and sharing with annotations on WhatsApp” on May 4, 2023
  • “One WhatsApp account, now on multiple phones” on April 25, 2023
  • “Keep In Chat: Your New Sender Superpower” on April 21, 2023

WhatsApp further plans to expand the scope of the new Chat Lock feature saying “Over the next few months, we’ll be adding more options to Chat Lock, including locking companion devices and creating custom passwords for your chats so you can use a unique password. different from the password you use for your phone. ”

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