Hidden Animal Optical Illusions: Can You Spot 5 Horses in the Snow in 11 Seconds?

Hidden animal optical illusion: Illusion is derived from the Latin verb illusion, meaning to mock or deceive. Optical illusion photographs are designed to deceive the human mind and are considered one of the simplest tests to determine attention.

Optical illusion images are used by neuroscientists to study how the brain creates perceptions of reality. We tend to see perceptions of reality as being formed in the brain due to the brain’s ability to fill in gaps in information obtained from the eyes.

People who practice optical illusion puzzles regularly tend to have better problem-solving and observational skills than their peers.

Do you have excellent observation skills?

Let’s find out now!

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Optical Illusion – Find 5 Horses in 11 Seconds


Source: Bev Doolittle

In the image shared above, you can see a beautiful painting of horses created by Bev Dolittle, a famous American camouflage artist known for her extensive works.

Looks attractive.

In the painting, we can see horses against a snowy background. Your task is to find 5 horses in the picture within 11 seconds.

On the first try, it looked like there were three or four horses. But there are five horses in the picture.

This challenge is a good opportunity to test your attention and concentration levels.

In short, it’s a great way to test your observation skills.

This challenge was a difficult one that left netizens across the globe scratching their heads.

Only the best of the best can spot all five horses in 11 seconds. Are you one of them?

Hurry up; Time is running out.

Have you discovered the horses?

Few seconds left.





Every now and then.

How many horses have you discovered?

Are you curious to know where the horses are?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

The solution has been provided at the end of the article.

Be ready for the answer.


Find 5 Horses in 11 Seconds – Solution

Five horses can be seen occupying the left, center and right sides of the image. A horse faces to the left, in the middle there are two horses and another horse and a foal can be seen on the right side.


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