Guess which teapot holds more tea in this tricky puzzle? You have 9 seconds!

If you feel bored, take a break with this tricky puzzle. Stimulating the mind is essential for it to function properly and there is no better way than by solving puzzles, riddles and brain teasers. They provide essential exercise and are also a proven mood booster.

The surge of dopamine in the body and the puzzle solving competitive atmosphere will result in a fun time. Regularly enjoying brain teasers also helps improve your intelligence level, concentration, concentration and critical thinking skills. Today, we bring you one such tricky riddle.

Look at the picture below and try to figure out which teapot holds more tea.

Find out which teapot can hold more tea in 9 seconds!

Find out which teapot can hold more tea in 9 seconds

There are two teapots in the picture above. Both have similar designs, but one is a little taller and skinnier, while the one on the right is wider. You have to find out which teapot can hold more tea. However, remember that you only have 9 seconds. This tricky puzzle doesn’t require any extra time to solve.

So if you’re ready, let’s do it!

Teapot Brain Twister Puzzle Solution

Teapot Brain Twister Puzzle Solution

If you said the teapot on the right holds more tea, congratulations! You’re right. It may be shorter but can hold more tea as it can be filled to the brim. The spouts of the teapots are at the same level so the tea will spill out of the teapot higher if it is filled above the spout.

If you come up with a similar answer then you are smarter than most people. This puzzle has stumped many viewers, so don’t feel bad if you can’t solve it. Keep practicing and you will improve quickly. Check out more fun and brain-challenging puzzles below.

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