Only 1% of people can notice 3 differences between a photo of a girl and a kitten within 12 seconds!

There are several strategies to improve your general cognitive abilities, such as exercise and problem solving. Exercise can make you tired at times; but solving puzzles will never be boring.

If you’re looking for a way to really improve your observational skills and attention to detail then you should solve at least one difference puzzle every day. These quizzes test your eyesight by asking you to find the difference between two nearly identical pictures. If you want to find out how good your skills are, play the difference puzzle game we offer you today. Are you ready? Start.

Find 3 differences in 12 seconds

Take a look at today’s difference quiz.


Source: Bright Super Brain

The image above is a girl sitting next to a cute little girl. The girl is greeting the kitten and the kitten is smiling at her. The two images are quite adorable and almost identical, the keyword here is close. However, upon a closer look, you’ll see there are 3 differences between the two photos over a given time period. The time limit we set for this difference quiz is 12 seconds. You know what to do already. Set your timer and get started.

Completing the find the difference puzzle will improve your observation skills and attention to detail. And this puzzle can only be solved if you have excellent attention skills.

Every now and then. Can you spot all the differences in 12 seconds? The solution is right below.

Solution find the difference

Here are three differences between the two pictures of the girl and the kitten:


Source: Bright Super Brain

Did you enjoy solving this difference puzzle? If you did, here are a few that look like this:

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