Can you beat the 11 second challenge? Find the dog hidden in this optical illusion

Optical illusions trick our minds to ignore different objects and elements in the image. This is because our brains are supposed to fill in the gaps with information that is already available.

These types of puzzles are a great way to help you divert your mind after a busy day and have something fun and engaging to do.

They can be created using different techniques, such as using patterns, shapes or colors in ways that confuse the brain’s visual system.

Such an optical illusion is being made on the internet for its wholesomeness and creativity. In the puzzle you need to find the dog hidden on the bed.

The image is quite simple, there is a bed with a black headboard and a dog hiding in plain sight.

Can you take the challenge and find it in 11 seconds?

Did you know dogs are as smart as a 2 year old child? Maybe that’s why this dog is trying to play hide and seek.

So, start the timer and begin your search for the hidden dog.

Remember you only have 11 seconds. All the best!

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Source: Twentytwowords

Did you find the dog?

Let’s take a closer look, it’s quite easy.

Still can’t find it?

Okay, here’s an important hint: Look for the dog’s nose, it’s a different color.

Hurry up! Time is about to end.

3… 2… and 1!

Oh no, time’s up.

Can you find the dog? Congratulations if you found it!

If you find the dog in 11 seconds or less then you have excellent observation skills. You can see the dog even though it’s camouflaged and small.

If you don’t find the dog, don’t give up! Keep practicing your observation skills and eventually you will be able to find hidden objects in no time.

Just scroll back to the top of the page and try to find it without a time limit. You can do it!

Here is the solution to the puzzle.

Find the Hidden Dog – Solution

The dog is hiding right behind the pillow


Source: Twentytwowords

Optical illusions are a great way to challenge your brain and improve your visual perception. Keep testing your skills and you will grow into a true puzzle master.

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