Brain Teaser IQ Test: Only the best puzzle solver can find the cat on the street in 5 seconds!

Brain Teaser IQ Test: IQ tests are often performed to determine whether someone has a high or low intelligence quotient (IQ). The test measures a person’s cognitive abilities, i.e. the ability to solve problems and reason logically.

There are several types of IQ tests, such as verbal, non-verbal, and comprehensive. These tests are often exhaustive and tedious. Luckily, there is also a fun and interesting way to test your IQ.

Intelligence tests are perhaps the most fun and engaging way to measure a person’s logical thinking and problem-solving abilities. And we have one ready for you.

Are you ready to challenge yourself and have fun along the way?


Brain Teaser- Find the cat on the street in 5 seconds

Let’s take a look at today’s brain teaser picture puzzle.


Source: PNGTree

In this brain-stimulating picture puzzle, you can see people going through their daily lives. You can see an old man walking on the street, a man taking a selfie, a woman using her phone, two men carrying art supplies, two men meeting and A truck passed by.

At first glance you will think that in this image there are 7 people and no one else. However, there is also a cat hidden in this tricky puzzle.

The test for you is to try to find the cat in this brain teaser.

You can?

Let’s see. Since this is a quiz, we give you 5 seconds to find the cat.

Are you ready?

Let’s hope you are because your time starts now!

All the best.

Time is limited, so make sure to solve this hidden animal brain teaser quickly.

Observe the image carefully, you will easily spot the hidden cat. The solution to this conundrum is given at the end of this article. However, we would like to ask you not to cheat. If you scroll straight to the answer and cheat, you won’t do yourself any favors. Additionally, you will not be able to test your observation or vision.

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Now let’s return to the puzzle at hand.

Did you find the cat?

Hurry up. Time is running out.

The countdown will start soon. You still have a few seconds left, so look for any cat silhouettes in the photo. And it begins:




Every now and then.

Can you find the cat in this brain puzzle?

If so, congratulations! You are the greatest puzzle solver. Scroll down to see this tricky answer.

Brain Teaser Answers

In this tricky puzzle, you have to find the cat on the street in 5 seconds. If you can’t solve this tricky puzzle then look no further, here is the answer:


If you guessed the answer, congratulations! And if you don’t succeed, better luck next time!

We hope you have fun solving this conundrum. If you liked this, you’ll also like this:

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One piece of advice for you. Brain teasers are tried and tested ways to enhance cognitive abilities and enhance memory power. They are also scientifically proven to be great mood boosters. So our advice to you is to solve one problem every day. Visit our website to know more about these.

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