You are very sharp-eyed if you can spot a leopard in the grassland within 8 seconds!

Optical illusions are optical phenomena that are both challenging and fascinating. These illusory puzzles are often puzzling representations or paintings of specific objects and/or animals. They are visual phenomena in which our brain perceives something different from reality. They can confuse us into thinking things are not really there, or they can trick our eyes into seeing things that aren’t there. The purpose of the optical illusion challenge is to try to find what is not there or is hiding in plain sight. And today we have a fun, exciting and challenging optical illusion for you.

Are you ready to have your mind blown? Let’s begin.

Optical Illusion – Detect the leopard within 8 seconds


Source: Craters News Agency

In this optical illusion photo experiment, you can see a grassland landscape with zebras lounging in the background. What you can’t see in this photo is a leopard.

This optical illusion image of a hidden animal was captured by Russian photographer Julia Sundukova while she was in Tanzania preparing for the wildebeest migration. The image depicts a leopard camouflaged under a leafy canopy in the stunning African jungle of Ndutu, Tanzania.

The time limit is 8 seconds. Your time starts now!

All the best!

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Every now and then.

Some of you may have found the leopard by now. However, there are also some people who may not find it hidden in this image.

Scroll down to see the leopard in hiding.

Optical illusion solution

In this optical illusion IQ test, you have to find the leopard in 8 seconds. In case you can’t find the leopard, don’t worry. Here is the solution to this optical illusion puzzle.


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