You are a sharp-eyed person if you can find the doctor’s 2 patients hiding in the photo in just 8 seconds!

There are many things in life that deceive us. Sometimes the brain, the most powerful organ in the human body, is tricked into seeing something that isn’t there or vice versa. One of the perfect examples of this deception is optical illusion puzzles. These puzzles are mind-bending images and often hide something right in front of the eyes. Researchers say that solving these illusion puzzles gives you a great mental exercise that can greatly improve your observational and problem-solving skills.

You know we have prepared a quiz for you; this is why you are here. So are you ready for the challenge? Let’s get started.

Put your observation skills to the test and find the royal musician’s lost harp within 7 seconds!

Find 2 doctor’s patients in 8 seconds


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You can see a man crying in this optical illusion photo. That man was a doctor and had lost 2 patients. Can you find them for him? Your doctor will be truly grateful to you for this. You have 8 seconds to go, so don’t waste a second and try to find the lost patients as soon as possible.

Finding the solution to this visual puzzle requires you to think creatively and look at things from a different perspective. The patients can be found in the vicinity of the doctor. You just have to keep your eyes open if you want to find them. We believe your 8 seconds are up. Scroll down to see the solution.

Optical illusion solution

Here are the doctor’s 2 patients:


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