World Turtle Day 2023: Examining ‘The Life of Turtles’ Through the Lens of AI

World Turtle Day 2023: World Turtle Day is celebrated every year on May 23 globally. It was started in 2000 by American Tortoise Rescue to help people celebrate and protect turtles and their disappearing habitats. Additionally, this day aims to promote human action to support their survival and well-being.

The fact that turtles are a “keystone species” shows that they play an important role in shaping the surrounding ecosystem. And the natural order of habitats can be disrupted if a key species becomes extinct. So, we thought of sneaking into ‘Turtle Life’ through Artificial Intelligence (AI).

AI has reached every corner, technology, education, science and art. It has given artists a vast opportunity to experiment with thoughts and creativity. Here, the collection titled ‘Turtle Life’ recreates turtles in different areas of life.

‘Turtle Life’ through AI

Turtles and different occupations

The first part of ‘Turtle Life’ features turtles who have a different profession. Career here refers to different fields of work that help a person earn money.

Turtle teacher and student

Professor Noble is giving some important lessons to the future generations of the Hydra kingdom.

Turtle becomes a superhero

The AI ​​engine here captured a capeless superhero fighting evil humans to protect humans and humanity. Oh…the courage and determination in his eyes were exemplary.

Turtle is a chef

The third image of the series ‘Turtle Life’ is the scene of selfless traffic policemen standing in the scorching heat to serve humanity. You can’t miss his red helmet, you can’t.

Image of AI turtle chef

I wasn’t really a pizza person before watching Masterchef Turtle. He’s definitely a seasoned chef, just look at the color of the pepperoni and the perfectly glazed crust.

Image of astronaut turtle via AI

Not only does it look cute but it’s also completely surprising. A giant turtle is on a mission to find life to save its fellow humans from human intervention. This is certainly a great plot for Disney’s next movie.

Turtles work as street vendors

This super cute AI-generated turtle has all the kitchen essentials.

Turtle via AI

There’s nothing that Turtle can’t do. Teacher, police chief, chef, doctor, street vendor and now a handsome guy walking the red carpet.

Turtles Are Ordinary People

The second part of ‘The Life of a Turtle’ presents the most ordinary yet understandable stages in the life of an average person. This collection of AI-generated images shows daily tasks, emotions, celebrations, etc.

Turtles on Delhi Road

Oh, I know the guy on the left, he’s Samson. He is getting married next week. But why was he fighting in the middle of a busy road?

Turtles on the wedding aisle

Oh, it was D-day. Mr. and Mrs. Samson looked so dreamy together, a match made in heaven. Her necklace looked regal with her wedding dress.

turtles go out shopping

This is their first outing after getting married. Mrs. Samson certainly looked happy with her shopping, she probably picked up some bargains. Although Mr. Samson seemed unhappy with all the costs. Huh! All men are the same.

Turtle and the children at the bus stop

Oh my God! The baby turtles are all grown up. AI image shows a father turtle dropping off his baby at a school bus stop. It seemed like their first day of school.

Turtle enjoying a vacation at the beach

The final image of the collection is a perfect conclusion of human emotions. A family is enjoying their time and celebrating their relationship in the lap of mother nature.

I’m sure this collection of images will make you giggle. Yes, then don’t forget to help save their kingdom. Due to ongoing human efforts to protect nesting beaches, reduce bycatch in fisheries, and outlaw the killing of sea turtles and the harvesting of their eggs, more and more turtles are green nest in the United States thanks to the efforts

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