World Hydrographic Day 2023: Dates, Themes, History, Meaning of Hydrographic Surveys and more

World Hydrology Day is a day to celebrate the importance of hydrology and raise awareness of the work of hydrologists. It is also a day to reflect on the future of hydrology and consider how it can be used to solve the challenges of the 21st century.

Hydrology is the science of measuring and describing the physical characteristics of oceans, seas, lakes, rivers and other bodies of water. Hydrographic surveys are used to collect data about the depth, bottom type, currents, tides, and other characteristics of water bodies. This data is used for a variety of purposes, including navigation, safety, environmental protection, and resource management.

#21JuneWorld Hydrology Day. Organized to spread awareness about the work of #hydrologist. It also seeks to educate and spread awareness about hydrology and its importance in our lives. Each year a theme is selected for this purpose (1/2).

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June 21, 2020

When is World Hydrology Day 2023?

On June 21, the world comes together to celebrate World Hydrographic Day, a special occasion dedicated to recognizing the importance of hydrography in ensuring safe and efficient navigation on the world’s oceans. our planet. This annual event serves as a reminder of the important role hydrologists play in mapping and understanding our oceans, rivers and lakes.

What is the theme of World Hydrology Day 2023?

The theme of World Hydrology Day 2023 is “Hydrology – strengthening the digital twins of the ocean”. This theme highlights the importance of hydrology in the development of the ocean’s digital twins. The digital twin of the ocean is a virtual representation of the ocean based on hydrological data. It can be used to simulate the ocean’s behavior and predict how it will respond to changes.

The theme emphasizes the role of hydrology in developing the digital twin of the ocean. Hydrological data is essential to creating the ocean’s digital twin. This data includes information about depth, bottom type, currents, tides, and other ocean characteristics. Hydrology is also used to create depth maps. According to National Geographic, “Depthometry is a measurement of the depth of water in an ocean, river, or lake.”

The benefit of developing a digital twin of the ocean is that it has the potential to revolutionize our understanding of the ocean and help us address a range of challenges, including climate change, marine pollution and fisheries management.

What is the history of World Hydrology Day?

World Hydrology Day is an annual event held on June 21 to raise awareness about the importance of hydrology and the work of hydrologists. This day was established by the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) in 2005.

The United Nations General Assembly then adopted Resolution A/RES/60/30 “Ocean and Law of the Sea”.

The date chosen is the International Hydrological Organization (IHO), which is the founding organization of World Hydrological Day, which was established on June 21, 1921. Therefore, World Hydrology Day is also the anniversary of the founding of IHO.

IHO is responsible for developing and maintaining hydrographic survey standards and publishing nautical charts and other hydrographic products.

The first World Hydrography Day was held in 2006. Since then, the day has been celebrated by hydrologists and other ocean experts around the world.

What is the meaning of World Hydrology Day?

World Hydrology Day is a valuable opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of hydrology and celebrate the work of hydrologists. The day is also an opportunity to highlight the many benefits of hydrology, such as:

Safe navigation: Hydrographic surveys provide data used to create nautical charts. These charts are essential for safe navigation.

Environmental protection: Hydrological data can be used to identify and protect marine habitats.

Resource management: Data can be used to identify and manage marine resources.

Climate change research: Hydrological data can be used to study the impact of climate change on the oceans.

Why is hydrology important to small island developing countries in the Pacific?

What are hydrological data used for?

On World Hydrology Day, June 21, Fiji’s national hydrologist, Jervis M. Robinson, will answer both questions and ways to improve your knowledge of the seas and oceans.

— IHO International Hydrographic Organization (@IHOhydro)
June 19, 2023

In addition to raising awareness about hydrology, World Hydrology Day also provides an opportunity to promote international cooperation on hydrology. IHO is the leading international organization for hydrology and brings together hydrologists from around the world to work together on common hydrology projects.

In short, World Hydrology Day is a reminder of the importance of hydrology in our world. Hydrologists play an important role in keeping us safe, protecting the environment, and managing our resources. This day is celebrated to mark their dedication to their work and thank them for keeping resources safe.

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