Who are Eden Hazard Parents? Meet Thierry Hazard and Carine Hazard

So who are Eden Hazard’s parents? According to our investigation, Eden Hazard’s parents are Thierry Hazard and Carine Hazard. Eden Hazard is a Belgian footballer born on January 7, 1991.

Real name Eden Michael Walter Hazard
Nickname danger of eden
Birthdate January 7, 1991
Age 32 years old
Height 173 cm, 5 feet 8 inches
Weight 75kg (165lbs)
place of birth La Louviere, Belgium
Gender Male
Profession belgian footballer
Religion Islamic
Nationality Belgian
Eye color Blue
Hair color Black
Zodiac sign Capricorn

Thierry Hazard

Carine Danger

Who is Eden Hazard?

Eden Hazard, a Belgian soccer luminary, emerges as a force of nature on the global pitch. Born on January 7, 1991 in La Louvière, Belgium, his journey from young soccer enthusiast to celebrated athlete is a narrative marked by skill, tenacity, and a deep-seated passion for the game.

Hazard’s magical journey took him from the Belgian Pro League to the top of international football. His remarkable dribbling, impeccable ball control and his innate ability to read the game set him apart as a true master on the field. His fascinating spells at Chelsea and Real Madrid are a testament to his impact both at club and international level.

As an attacking midfielder, Hazard’s influence is felt through his vision and creativity. His art goes beyond individual brilliance, often being the catalyst for team play and goal-scoring opportunities. With numerous accolades, including Premier League titles and FIFA World Cup performances, Hazard’s legacy is etched not only in his achievements but also in his embodiment of the spirit and skill of Belgian football.


Eden Hazard Biography

Belgian soccer sensation, Eden Hazard, and a curious story of talent, determination and style unfolds. Born on January 7, 1991 in La Louvière, Belgium, his journey from the cobbled streets of his hometown to the illustrious stadiums of soccer’s elite is marked by an innate curiosity for the beautiful game.

Hazard’s early days hinted at the prodigy he would become. With a curious twinkle in his eye, he honed his skills on local courses, capturing hearts with his mesmerizing dribbling and agile footwork. His transfer to Lille OSC put him in the spotlight and Europe took notice of this prodigious talent.

Joining Chelsea in 2012 marked a turning point in Hazard’s journey. His performances electrified Stamford Bridge as he danced between the defenders, leaving a trail of bewilderment in his wake. Premier League titles and individual awards followed his lead, cementing his status as one of the best in the world. A subsequent move to Real Madrid, the pinnacle of club football, saw Hazard continue his quest for excellence.


Eden Peril Age

Eden Hazard radiates his football charm at the age of 32. Born on January 7, 1991 in La Louvière, Belgium, he continues to be a beacon of hope and talent to both his fans and soccer enthusiasts around the world. With his experience, drive and enduring enthusiasm, Hazard’s journey inspires optimism for continued success in his career.


Eden Hazard height and weight

Eden Hazard’s physical attributes contribute to his soccer prowess. Standing at a height of approximately 5 feet 8 inches (173 cm), his agility and low center of gravity enhance his dribbling and quick turning. Weighing in at around 75 kg (165 lbs), his well-balanced build complements his explosive speed and stamina on the field. These physical characteristics, combined with his technical finesse, form the basis of his remarkable style of play, allowing him to leave an indelible mark on the world of soccer.

Eden Hazard Nationality

Eden Hazard proudly claims Belgian nationality. Hailing from La Louvière, Belgium, his soccer career reflects the nation’s rich soccer heritage. As a Belgian footballer, Hazard carries on the legacy of legends who have left an indelible mark on the sport. His performances on the international stage underscore his commitment to representing his country, and his success serves as an inspiration to aspiring footballers in Belgium and beyond.


Eden Hazard’s career

Eden Hazard’s football career is a symphony of skill and brilliance that resonates in stadiums around the world. From his early days in Belgium to his presence in Europe’s elite clubs, his career is a testament to his exceptional talent. Hazard’s agility, quick thinking and dazzling dribbling have earned him a place among football’s elite.

His spells at Lille OSC and Chelsea, where he was a pivotal figure in Premier League victories, demonstrated his ability to shine on the biggest stages. A transfer to Real Madrid marked another chapter, where he accepted the challenge of playing for one of the most storied clubs in the world.

Hazard’s career has been marked by individual awards, collective triumphs and the unwavering support of fans who marvel at his football magic. His success story serves as an inspiration to budding footballers, and his contributions to Belgian and world football have solidified his legacy as an exceptional and curious player. As he continues on his journey, Eden Hazard remains an emblem of soccer excellence and a symbol of the unwavering quest for greatness.

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