Who are Charlotte Gainsbourg Parents? Meet Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin

Who are Charlotte Gainsbourg’s parents?

So who are Charlotte Gainsbourg’s parents? According to our research, Charlotte Gainsbourg’s parents are Serge Gainsbourg, Jane Birkin. Charlotte Gainsbourg is a French-British actress and singer. Born July 21, 1971.

Real name

Charlotte Lucy Gainsbourg


Charlotte Gainsbourg


July 21, 1971


52 years


5 ft 8 in (173 cm)


57kg (125lbs)

place of birth

London, United Kingdom




Juanina Manuel School


Franco-British actress and singer


french, british

Eye color


Hair color



Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin

Zodiac sign



Yvan Attal (1991–)


Alice Attal, Ben Attal

Who is Charlotte Gainsbourg?

Charlotte Gainsbourg is a multifaceted French-British actress, singer and songwriter who has made significant contributions to the world of film and music. Born on July 21, 1971 in London, England, she is the daughter of two iconic figures in the entertainment industry: British actress and singer Jane Birkin and French musician Serge Gainsbourg. This illustrious ancestry of hers not only gave her a unique pedigree but it also set the stage for her remarkable career.

Gainsbourg has established herself as a versatile and critically acclaimed actress. She gained wide recognition for her roles in films such as “The Little Thief” (1988), “Jane Eyre” (1996) and “The Science of Sleep” (2006). It was her collaboration with controversial director Lars von Trier that really catapulted her to international stardom. Her performances in “Antichrist” (2009) and “Melancholia” (2011) earned her critical acclaim and prestigious awards, including the Best Actress award at the Cannes Film Festival.

Charlotte Gainsbourg is also an accomplished musician. She has released several albums, showcasing her ethereal, haunting voice combined with evocative lyrics. Her musical career took off with the release of her debut album, “Charlotte for Ever” (1986), produced by her father, Serge Gainsbourg. She subsequently released albums such as “5:55” (2006) and “Rest” (2017), garnering praise for her unique blend of pop, electronica, and chanson française.


Charlotte Gainsbourg Age

The talented and versatile Charlotte Gainsbourg, born on July 21, 1971 in London, United Kingdom, is now 52 years old and her age is a testament to her enduring beauty, talent and creativity. With each passing year, she continues to shine in the world of entertainment. Having established herself as an accomplished actress and notable musician, Gainsbourg’s age has only increased her appeal.

She exudes a timeless elegance and rich experience that enriches her performances in film and music. Her journey from his birthplace of London to his illustrious career in French film and music has been nothing short of remarkable, and his age only reinforces the depth of his achievements. . As she celebrates her 52nd birthday, Charlotte Gainsbourg remains an inspiring figure, proving that age is no barrier to artistic excellence and that her influence on the entertainment industry is more potent than ever.

Charlotte Gainsbourg Height and Weight

Charlotte Gainsbourg, the renowned actress and musician, stands 5 feet 8 inches (173 centimeters) tall and maintains a slim physique, weighing approximately 57 kilograms (125 pounds). These physical attributes contribute to her graceful and elegant appearance. Her 5’8″ height puts her above the average height of women, giving her a commanding presence both on screen and stage. It allows her to carry herself with poise and confidence, enhancing versatility of her as an actress and performer.

Gainsbourg’s weight of 57 kilograms is within the healthy range for his height, reflecting his commitment to a balanced lifestyle. This balanced approach to her physical well-being complements her artistic talents, allowing her to take on demanding film roles and maintain her energy during musical performances. Overall, Charlotte Gainsbourg’s height and weight are aspects of her physique that have contributed to her success in the entertainment industry, helping her achieve a striking and long-lasting presence in both film and music. .

Physical attributes



5 ft 8 in (173 cm)


52 years

Charlotte Gainsbourg Nationality

Charlotte Gainsbourg’s nationality is a mix of two rich and culturally influential countries. She has dual citizenship in both France and the United Kingdom. This unique dual nationality is a direct result of her ancestry. Her mother, Jane Birkin, is British and her father, Serge Gainsbourg, is French. This dual nationality has played an important role in shaping Charlotte Gainsbourg’s identity and career.

It allowed her to embrace the cultural diversity of both countries and navigate seamlessly between French- and English-speaking roles in her acting career. She has often shown her bilingualism in various film and music projects. Gainsbourg’s dual nationality reflects not only her personal heritage but also her ability to connect with a global audience. Her cross-cultural appeal has made her a respected figure in French and international entertainment, highlighting the rich tapestry of her background and the versatility she brings to her artistic pursuits.


Charlotte Gainsbourg’s career

  • Charlotte Gainsbourg is a British-French actress and singer, known for her illustrious career in both film and music.
  • His acting career began in 1984 with his debut in the film “Paroles et musique.”
  • He has starred in numerous films, including “La Buche”, “The Science of Sleep”, “I’m Not There” and “The Log”.
  • Gainsbourg’s exceptional talent has earned her several prestigious awards, including two César Awards and the Best Actress award at the Cannes Film Festival.
  • She received the César Award for “Most Promising Actress” in 1986 and “Best Supporting Actress” in 2000 for her role in “The Log.”
  • In addition to her acting career, Charlotte Gainsbourg has left a significant mark on the music industry with hit albums such as “5:55,” “IRM,” “Stage Whisper,” and “Rest.”
  • Born on July 21, 1971 in London, England, Gainsbourg’s mother, Jane Birkin, encouraged her to pursue acting from a young age.
  • His musical debut came at the tender age of 12, showcasing his diverse artistic talents.
  • Charlotte Gainsbourg’s career is a testament to her versatility and creativity, making her a celebrated figure in French and international entertainment.

Charlotte Gainsbourg Achievements and Awards

Here are some of Charlotte Gainsbourg’s notable awards and achievements:

Caesar Awards:

  1. Most Promising Actress (1986)
  2. Best Supporting Actress (2000)
  3. Best Actress (2018)

Bodil Awards:

  1. Best Actress (2010)
  2. Best Actress (2014)

Independent Spirit Awards:

  1. Robert Altman Award (2008)

cannes film festival:

  1. Best Actress (2009)


Charlotte Gainsbourg Top 10 Movies

The 5 best movies:

  • Melancholia (2011): A gripping science fiction drama film directed by Lars von Trier, where Gainsbourg’s performance earned critical acclaim.

  • Antichrist (2009): This daring horror, drama and suspense film, also directed by Lars von Trier, showed Gainsbourg’s versatility as an actress.

  • Nymphomaniac: vol. I (2013) and vol. II (2013): Gainsbourg’s portrayal of a complex character in this provocative Lars von Trier drama was praised.

  • Jane Eyre (1996): Gainsbourg starred in this classic adaptation, demonstrating her ability to bring literary characters to life.

  • 21 Grams (2003): In this intense drama and thriller, Gainsbourg’s performance alongside Sean Penn and Naomi Watts was notable.

Next 5 notable films:

  • The Cement Garden (1993): In this moving drama, Gainsbourg gave a memorable performance.

  • I’m Not There (2007): Joined a cast to portray various aspects of Bob Dylan’s life, showing his versatility.

  • Golden Door (2006): Gainsbourg’s presence added depth to this immigrant drama.

  • Happily Ever After (2004): Her role in this dark comedy film demonstrated her range as an actress.

  • Lemming (2005): Gainsbourg’s performance added depth to this psychological thriller.

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