Which football is different? This quiz will test your observation skills!

Can you find another point within 10 seconds? There are three images of a soccer ball. Another ball is different from the other two in the picture. What else? This is a great puzzle game to test your observation skills. How quickly can you spot the strange image here?

Spotting the difference tests your image sharpness and decision making. This quiz is a great way to demonstrate how good you are at solving brain puzzles and picture puzzles that require detective skills.

This puzzle can be enjoyed by all ages including children and adults. Take the time to solve puzzles that are both entertaining and effective to keep your brain healthy. We provide quizzes with answers so you can always check the solution at the end of this article, however, we encourage you to solve this quiz on your own!

Vision Test Quiz: Which Football Is Different?

Which ball is different puzzle brain teaser

Here, we have three images of a soccer ball. You have to find out which of these balls is different. You will have 10 seconds to solve this puzzle.

Look at the picture carefully. You can zoom in to take a closer look at the three images. Do you see anything different in any of the images? If so, you might be about to find the answer to this puzzle.

Only 1 out of 10 highly detail oriented people can solve this puzzle in less than 10 seconds. You have to be smart and extremely observant if you spot a difference in the image.

Look closely at the pictures and try to remember the details of each image to compare them. Use your short-term memory to solve this puzzle.

Your time starts now! Good luck!

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What else Puzzle Solution

Acclaim! If you spot another soccer ball in less than 10 seconds. You are the puzzle champion and have the best observation skills.

However, if you are still struggling to find different balls, see the answer below. It’s ball C.

Which ball is the different puzzle solution

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