What is Volt Storm? The hacking group is believed to come from China

Hackers are used in most countries around the world to gather intelligence. The United States and Russia use intelligence groups, such as Fancy Bear and Equation Group.

More recently, on Wednesday, Microsoft Corp said Volt Typhon is “pursuing the development of capabilities that could disrupt critical communications infrastructure between the United States and the Asia region in future crises.” Hybrid”. This statement immediately raised concerns regarding tensions between China and the US over the Taiwan issue. Conflict between China and the US could lead to cyber attacks across the Pacific.

What exactly is Storm Volt?

Volt Typhoon is actually an alleged hacking group. It is believed that the group is backed by China. It is said that Volt Typhoon is capable of intelligence gathering as well as digital sabotage.

The question is whether Volt Typhoon is truly a serious threat to America’s infrastructure or just a new group of digital espionage.

Typhoon group and possible threats

Storm Volt is considered a major threat to US infrastructure. The group’s possible threats are:

Risk of future crisis

Almost every country in the world uses hackers to gather intelligence. However, experts fear tensions between China and the US could lead to cyber attacks across the Pacific in the future.

Spy threat

Experts worry about espionage. Volt Typhoon is considered by experts to be a hacker group specializing in sabotaging US infrastructure amid tensions over Taiwan.

Volt Typhoon, a Chinese state-sponsored actor, uses live offshore TTP (LotL) and hands-on keyboards to evade detection and continue its espionage campaign targeting grassroots organizations critical infrastructure in Guam and the rest of the United States. https://t.co/FZxjfiA0Hw

— Microsoft Threat Intelligence (@MsftSecIntel)
May 24, 2023

Microsoft’s assessment is rated as “moderately credible,” meaning a theory is credible and plausible, but has not yet been fully corroborated. There are many researchers who have identified and explained various aspects of the group, however, not many have examined any evidence of attempted sabotage.

Volt Typhoon, so far appears to be aimed at stealing data from organizations holding information related to the US government or military, as stated by Marc Burnard, Secureworks.

Secureworks calls the Volt Typhoon the “Bronze Silhouette”, and Marc Burnard says it was created to be used primarily for espionage purposes.

Hurricane Volt could prove to be a sneaky storm

Almost all cyber spies try to cover their tracks, and Microsoft and other experts say Volt Typhoon was a silent operator who hid its traffic by routing it through via hacked network devices such as home routers. These proved to have been carefully planned to erase evidence of abuse from the victim’s diary.

On the other hand, China has continuously denied hacking related to the Volt Typhoon incident. However, documents about cyber espionage campaigns in Beijing have been in preparation for no less than twenty years. Over the past 10 years, espionage has come into focus as Western researchers have linked violations to specific units within the People’s Liberation Army. US law enforcement has charged countless officers from China with stealing US secrets

In a blog post, Secureworks stated that Volt Typhoon’s concerns over operational security can be traced back to the US allegations coupled with growing pressure from Chinese leaders to rein in monitoring of cyber espionage activities.

Other hacking groups globally

Some other hacking groups around the world are:

Hacking group Nation
Favorite bear Russia
Turla (APT34) Iran
sand worm Russia
Equation group USA
Lazarus group North Korea
APT29 (Warm Bear) Russia
Comment group (APT1) China

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