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What is “Lisa”, the first regional AI news anchor in India?

The AI ​​and OTV industry has achieved a milestone with “Lisa”, the country’s first regional AI news anchor. This proved to be a remarkable moment for the journalism and broadcasting industry as it held the power to revolutionize the industry.

OTV shared a video on Twitter in which Lisa secretly introduces herself.

Meet Lisa, OTV and host of Odisha’s first AI news show aiming to revolutionize Broadcasting and Journalism#AIANchorLisa #Lisa #Odisha #OTVNews #OTVAnchorLisa pic.twitter.com/NDm9ZAz8YW

– OTV (@otvnews)
July 9, 2023

Robot expressed his excitement for the historic launch. OdishaTV expressed that Lisa will soon host a show on this channel. Lisa, as an AI news presenter, is capable of speaking a multitude of languages. These include Odia, English and many more.

OTV took up the challenge of training the Lisa bot in Odia. It revealed that efforts are underway to further improve her qualifications. The goal is to practice her interaction skills.

OTV CEO Jagu Mangat Panday expressed immense excitement and joy at the launch of the country’s first AI robotic news reader by saying, “The use of AI has just begun in development.” television and for that reason, AI news presenter Lisa is ready to create many new milestones.”

Lisa is the first AI presenter in the field of free regional television broadcasting.

It is important to note that Lisa is not the only AI news reader in India. India Today, a news channel based in Delhi has also launched a female AI news anchor named “Sana”.

What makes Sana and Lisa interesting news readers?

Well, these AI robots have a human-like appearance. This makes the audience connect with them easily. This also does not destroy the viewer’s habit of hearing daily news from human mouths. Furthermore, as AI hosts, both bots are capable of reading news in local languages ​​fluently.

Are there AI-powered news anchors in other countries?

Correct. While India is just starting to introduce AI-powered news stations, China is already exploring the field. Xinhua, China’s news agency, started using AI-powered news programs in 2018. The launch of ChatGPT has accelerated the idea.

: The use of AI is just starting in the television broadcasting sector and for that reason, AI news anchor Lisa is all set to create many new milestones.

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