What is GigaChat? Is ChatGPT’s competitor an effective multimodal tool?

ChatGPT’s popularity, success, and extraordinary future possibilities are making it difficult for governments and tech giants across the globe. It didn’t take Russia long to rival Open AI’s AI innovation and come up with GigaChat, an AI-powered technology introduced by Sberbank, a Russian lending company. Recently, the company successfully launched GigaChat, their recently developed chatbot as a competitor to ChatGPT. Currently, GigaChat is accessible in invite-only beta mode.

According to the organization, the ability to hold a fluent and intelligent conversation in Russian is the most significantly differentiating feature from the rest of the global neural network. After Western countries reduced exports to Russia following the Ukraine crisis, Sberbank increased its investments in the technology sector. This is Russia’s technique for self-sufficiency in the near and far future to reduce dependence on imports. Is GigaChat a product of this upheaval?

GigaChat capabilities

According to reports, it can be said that GigaChat can answer questions, write program code that can easily develop software, organize chats, create images, etc. This tool has been trained by Russian. The technology created by Sberbank claims that it has multimodal features. This proves that GigaChat can have a strong advantage over other technologies, including ChatGPT. On the other hand, many technologies, including ChatGPT, are limited to text.

The most striking difference between GigaChat produced by Sberbank and other technologies is that GigaChat produced by Sberbank makes it possible for Russians to use AI chatbots in Russian. However, another thing to consider is that chatbots are not really equipped to carry out long conversations yet.

GigaChat’s image generation capabilities are led by the DALL-E image generator. It is known that Sberbank’s GigaChat has developed a multimodal tool that is expected to add audio, video and many other capabilities in the coming future.

Is this the first time Russia has exploited such technology?

Obviously not. The Russian tech industry is not new to AI and related developments. In recent years, hackers in Russia have exploited the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence for general content and deepfake purposes. For example, media houses and companies in Russia have used deep fakes for their advertising purposes and have been successful in doing so.


Sberbank is a state-owned bank and one of the most popular choices of ordinary Russians in matters of banking and financial services. Sberbank was founded in 1841 and is one of the oldest banks in the country.

This bank currently holds 30% of all Russian loans and deposits. Currently, Sberbank is the country’s largest financial institution and is striving to become Russia’s technology leader. Is GigaChat the bank’s latest innovation as a product in its digital transformation efforts? In the past, the bank has been in the news for investing in countless technology projects, from self-driving cars to cloud services.

Russia and ChatGPT

Currently, ChatGPT is available worldwide but not yet in Russia. The reason lies in the country’s concern about the possibility of Ai tools being abused. It can be said that this country is in an indirect war with the West, so we should be a little cautious. Due to the current international conditions around the world, Russia has deliberately stayed away from OpenAI’s chatbot because currently, Russia cannot bear to let AI take over.

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