Vision Challenge: Find the owl hidden in this photo in 7 seconds!

Do you think you have a good eye for detail? If so then you should try this optical illusion test. The challenge is to find the owl hidden in this picture.

Who can spot the owl in 7 seconds? People who can spot an owl in 7 seconds or less tend to be very good at paying attention to detail. They can also see patterns and shapes that others might miss. They are usually very good at spatial-visual inference.

If you can spot the owl in 7 seconds or less then you are in a good community. You are one of the few people with a true visionary.

Vision Challenge: Find the owl hidden in this photo in 7 seconds!

hidden animal optical illusion challenge

The picture shows a small house built of stone in a green field. The house is made of smooth, gray stone, with a thatched roof. The house is in a quiet, peaceful location for an owl to hide.

The owl hides very well and can be very difficult to spot. But if you have a keen eye for detail, you should be able to find it.

Look for the eyes. An owl’s eyes are the most distinctive feature, so look for them first. You can also look for the owl’s beak or wings.

Can you spot the owl?

So take a deep breath and focus your eyes on the picture. The owl is there, somewhere in the picture. Can you find her?

If you have trouble finding the ballerina, you can always check the answer at the end of the article. But don’t give up. Try more!

Your time starts now!

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The answer to the optical illusion of the hidden owl

So did you spot the owl in 7 seconds? If so then you are a certified optical illusion master! If you’re still looking for the owl, check out the answer below.

Hidden Animal Illusion Answers

Do you like this optical illusion?

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